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The Zatu Show

It is here! Many of you have asked, and we have delivered! Welcome to The Zatu Show Episode 1! The first episode of The Zatu Show brought to you by our very own team members, Amber and Arthur! This will be coming to you every month featuring the best new games, some behind the scenes footage and lots more! There’s plenty in this episode, so let’s have a quick look at some of the games that are featured:

Muffin Time

A chaotic card game, with plenty of twists and turns brought to you TomSka, the creator of asdfmovies! He’s teamed up with Big Potato games to bring you this action-packed game that at first appears simple – you only need 10 cards to win. But factor in skateboarding cows, exploding turtles, and talking muffins and suddenly 10 cards is a lot harder than you anticipated. A game filled with hilarity and randomness; this is certainly one to check out!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

A survival horror game coming at you from Supermassive Games. You might recognise them – they’ve created hits such as Man of Medan and Until Dawn. Combine the motion capture technology and the star-studded cast, featuring Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’s Will Poulter, this game really feels like a movie, and mix that with the branching narrative, featuring multiple different endings, this really is worth taking a look at!

Pandemic Legacy Season 0

We’ve had Pandemic Legacy Seasons 1 and 2, so naturally here we have Season 0. This title is a prequel to the long-running franchise where you can work for the CIA combatting a pathogen and enemy soldiers. Can you and your friends take on the unenviable task of preventing the spread of a deadly virus…sound familiar?

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Amber and Arthur head back to video games and back to the legendary series of Crash Bandicoot which now has a sequel to the original trilogy! A brand-new art style and a modern take on the classic platforming experience mean this really has jumped forward to the new generation of gaming! This now comes with the ability to play all levels as Coco, Crash’s sister, and the use Quantum Masks to bend the rules of reality making this a top priority for everyone to look out for!

A Game of Cat and Mouth

The last feature is a game brought to you by the same minds of Exploding Kittens, coming out this month! This is a fiercely competitive pinball-esque game using cat paw slingshots. The box itself forms the play area and features plenty of rainbow cat joy. This is a game you have to check out when it releases – it’s a fur-midable, cat-atonic game, bound to bring joy to your game nights!

There’s plenty more in the episode (there might even be a giveaway…) so check it out!

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