Roll for It Purple Edition Review

Roll for It Board Game Review

Do you enjoy dice rolling games? Are you looking for a family friendly game? Or are you looking for a party game which is great for new comers or inexperience game players? Yes!? Then Roll for It is the perfect game for you, allowing for competitive camaraderie.

Roll for It Overview

Roll for It, made by Chris Leder, edited by John Michael Arnaud, and published by Calliope Games, is a is a casual, simple family-friendly dice and card game suitable for two to four players. The game can accommodate up to eight players when you add either the Purple Edition to the Red Edition or the Red Edition to the Purple Edition, or if you just want to add couple of other player you can add different coloured dice.

The game comes with 24 beautifully coloured dice in a range of colours (Pink, Yellow, sky blue, Marble green and rose red), the game also comes with 30 cards which depict dice which you need to match with the card. Roll for it! Take between 20 to 40 minutes to play through depending on number of players.



The game set-up for Roll for It could not be any easier, no really it’s super simple, each player collects a set of six dice of their chosen colour - the choices being: Pink, Yellow, sky blue, marble green and rose red. Once you have selected the dice you want to play with, place the stack of roll for it cards in the middle of the table face down and lay out three cards in the centre of the playing surface ensuring they are easily reachable.

You then need to choose someone to be the first player. The game suggests each player rolls two dice and the person with the highest dice roll goes first, another option is to download and use a random player generator such as: Chwazi, on your phone.

How to Win?

The aim of the game is to match your dice with one of the three cards in the centre of the table, by rolling the number depicted on card using your six dice. If you roll the correct numbers stated you can collect the card and place it in front of you. The win conditions for Roll for It are simple; it’s the first person to collect 40 points in total based on the value stated on the cards.

A Run-Through 

On there turn, each player starts by rolling their dice, top tip; roll the dice in the lid of the box to stop the dice rolling off the table. You can now commit your dice to any number of cards.

Once you complete a card you take that card and place it face up in front of you, as you collect more cards you should form a stack with the number of points at the bottom of the card always being clearly visible. This is to help other players know what points have been collected and to try and prevent that leading players perhaps winning on easy cards, also it allows you as the player to easily see how close to the win condition of 40 points you are.

Once you have committed your dice to cards you may take dice back to re-roll, but you must take all your dice back from every card, it cannot be selected cards and this action must be done before you roll your dice.

Top Tips

Roll for It can be enhanced though some or all of the below tips:

  • Add a dice rolling tower to make it easier to roll the dice and create more fun, such as a dragon dice tower.
  • Download to your phone a random player generator application.
  • Play your 30 Roll for it! Card in card sleeves to prevent damage.

Final Thoughts on Roll for It

Roll for It is a fun, family friendly game which can become quite competitive and is a great game for anyone who is new to gaming or if you are looking for a quick fun game you can play to start of a more serious gaming session. The game can take between 20 to 40 minutes but can also take less than 20 minutes depending on the cards and dice rolls, and it works well for a party game night. The box states the game is for 8+, but in my view children aged 6+ would be able to play this game provided under supervisor due to small dice being a potential choking hazard.

The game is based heavily on luck with very little strategy or planning required and works very well in my view for a starting game to warm players up especially if you run or organise gaming groups and have newcomers to the group / gaming hobby.

The game has a fun colloquial and jovial nature about it and can make the group competitive, Roll for It does also have an element of battling other for cards and player camaraderie.

You Might Like

  • Quick nature of the game.
  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • No complex strategies required.

You Might Not Like

  • Lack of strategy or planning.
  • Heavily reliant on luck.
  • Rolling dice to match cards.