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PlayStation Plus free games for June

Sony have revealed the games that PlayStation Plus subscribers can download for free during the month of June.

There are six titles in total across the companies three platforms - the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PSP/PS Vita.

Here is a little guide to the games you can pick up for FREE this month! The PlayStation 4 titles are especially worth signing up for!

NBA  2K16 - PS4

One of the biggest sports titles on the market can now be yours for free! The 2K Sports series is one of the most celebrated and well-known gaming franchises. NBA 2K16 offer the most true-to-life NBA experience to date and is a must-have for casual and die-hard basketball fans.

You can choose to take your MyPLAYER through the complete NBA journey as you build up his skills and talent. Or you can choose to take control of an NBA franchise and guide them to glory in the MyGM mode. You will have control over the entire team - signing players completing trades and negotiating contracts.

The MyCAREER Mode has been written and co-produced by movie legend Spike Lee. He worked with real world basketball players, following them and documenting their experience in high school and college competition, in an effort to more accurately depict the lifestyle of real professional basketball players.

The game includes all of the current NBA teams, as well as classic teams such as the 99/00 Toronto Raptors, the 00/01 LA Lakers and the 02/03 Dallas Marvericks. The game also features 25 EuroLeague teams, such as FC Barcelona Lassa, Alba Berlin and CSKA Moscow.

Gone Home - PS4

Gone Home has been described as the genre-defining Exploration Game! You take control of Kaitlin Greenbriar, who returns to her Oregon home after a year away to find that here family are missing.

The house is empty and you now need to search your home to find clues and messages in order to find out what happened to your family. There are no set goals in Gone Home for you to reach - instead the game rewards you for exploring new areas of the house.

As you go through this intense story you will discover exactly what happened to your mother Janice and your sister Samantha!

Echochrome - PS3

Are you ready for a challenge? Echochrome is a puzzle game which sees you controlling a character, known as Walker, through crazy 3D mazes. You will need to be paying attention as danger lurks at every turn.

The unique aspect of the game is that the path can be altered merely by rotating the shapes and viewing them from a different perspective: for instance if a gap or obstacle is obscured, the character will behave as if the path continues behind the object which currently obscures the gap or obstacle from view.

Similarly, if discontinuous shapes or parts of the same shape appear, from the chosen camera angle, to form a continuous path, the character will traverse from one to the other.

Featuring time rankings, three brain-busting game modes and unique mazes this game will give your brain a good workout!

Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) - PS3

Siren: Blood Curse is the third installment in the survival horror game series. Players take control of Howard Wright who, along with an American TV crew, have gone to the Japanese mountain village of Hanuda.

This village has a very troubled past - having completely vanished in 1976! Whispered tales tell of strange rituals taking place here, of human sacrifice and the call of a ghostly siren that spells danger for the living – and a murderous new life for the dead.

The village is cut off from the rest of the world and once you are there you cannot escape! Will you will able to survive the 'corpse people'?

God of War: Chains of Olympus - PSP/PS Vita

The best-selling God of War series comes to the PSP and PS Vita! A great shadow covers the land. Helios, god of the sun, lies trapped in the Underworld as chaos reigns. Only the cursed warrior Kratos, slave to the gods of Olympus, can restore the light and escape the dire sins of his past.

Kratos must travel across the land in order to release Helios! You can unleash brand-new attack combinations and solve cryptic puzzles as you fight to bring the sun back.

Little Deviants - PS Vita

Little Deviants is an arcade game which sees you take control of mischievous little aliens! The little deviants have been chased away by an angry gang of robots and have crash-landed on the Whoman world.

There spaceship is destroyed and the robots and zombies are still hunting them down! Players now need to play through 30 mini-games in order to rebuild their spaceship.

*Photo Credit - Sony/PlayStation