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NEWS: Sea Of Thieves Board Game

sea of thieves board game
sea of thieves board game

Previously, we were excited to report on the announcement of the Sea of Thieves Board Game; but details on the backstory and game mechanics were slim to none. However, that has all changed with the newest update from Steamforged Games!

To start with, Steamforged Games have revealed the very fitting name for the board game. Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends. Given that players will be sailing their way across uncharted seas with the hopes of becoming a Pirate Legend; the name couldn’t be better.

Moving onto the game details, there’s a lot to unpack. In games of Sea of Theives, 2-4 players will be pitted against each other with their sights set on becoming the Pirate Legend before their opponents beat them to it. To help them gain reputation along the way, quests, battles, and glorious treasure can be completed or handed in at outposts.

Whilst players are at Outposts, they can take on bounties, hire crew and sell the cargo they’ve acquired on their travels. All of which will build their reputation and strengthen their ship so they can take on bigger and more rewarding challenges.

And speaking of challenges, their opponents won’t be the only thing getting in their way. As players travel around the seas, they may come face to face with skeleton crews, or deadly mythical sea creatures. All of which offer an ultimate challenge, and a huge reward if you live to tell the tale.

Many fans were concerned that a lot of the unique elements that make Sea of thieves such a good online game would be lost in the transition to a board game format. Luckily, the mechanics, faction and quest elements that Steamforged Games are including stay true to the video game and provide the same sense of discovery and excitement that players get in game.

Although there is still no solid date for the start of the Sea of Thieves The Board Game kickstarters, Steamforged games are sticking to their target of going live in the summer this year. Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait!