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News Round-Up: Santorini goes Digital and Hasbro Land is Coming!

News - Santorini goes Digital

This week has seen the announcement that Santorini is heading to digital format, a new edition of an essential gaming title and there is also some good news for backers of a highly successful Kickstarter! Read on to find out more!

Santorini Heads to our Mobile Screens

Santorini, the hit tower-building, greek-themed game where players take on the role of gods, has been announced for both iOS and Android. Gordon Hamilton’s abstract game has been transformed into digital format by publishers Roxley.

They have confirmed that the Santorini app will have a multiplayer mode, along with a single player Odessey mode, where players will compete against varying levels of AI. Roxley have confirmed that the app will be free to download, however no date has been announced as of yet!

The Power Grid is about to be Recharged!

Rio Grande Games have recently announced a new Recharged Edition of the critically acclaimed route-building, economic game, Power Grid. With the game turning 15 next year, the publisher thought it fair to produce this anniversary edition, promising to retain all the strategy and fun of the original game, while adding updates that will improve the gameplay.

In Power Grid, players bid for oil, coal and nuclear generators all with the goal of producing energy and distributing it through their grids. The game also incorporates dynamic markets, the price of resources fluctuating due to supply and demand. This Recharged Edition is set for a March 2019 release!

Power Grid Recharged (Credit: Rio Grande Games)

The Next Level is Unlocked

Asmodee and Space Cowboys have just announced the next series of Unlock!, card games that contain the essence of an escape room in their coded decks. The games use an app and a timer, with players looking for clues and solving puzzles on the cards. For Europe, the games are released in trios and Asmodee have announced the titles for the next instalments.

Unlock: Exotic Adventures will include three Unlock games: Night of the Bogeyman, Scheherazade’s Last Tale and Expedition: Challenger. These titles will be sold separately in North America. Night of the Bogeyman follows a child named William, a boy spooked and tormented by monsters. Players will be tasked with fighting these monsters off, without waking William. Scheherazade’s Last Tale takes place at the last moments of the classic story.

Scheherazade is about to tell the Sultan her final story but she is out of ideas and the scribe has gone missing. Players will need to find the scribe and ensure the last tale is told. Expedition: Challenger involves a PI, a missing friend and a group of unseen monsters that have been lost in time. Players must locate Professor Challenge and the lost friend in time. These trio of adventures are available in Europe now!

Great News for Claustrophobia 1643 Backers!

If, like myself, you backed Claustrophobia 1643 back in November, you will be pleased to know that everything is still on track for delivery in January. Monolith Games have released an update, stating the games have been produced successfully and are now on ships heading to distribution hubs.

If however, you are one of the people who has yet to fill out the survey or missed off your mobile number, don’t fret! They have extended the survey to allow completion or changes to be made up till the 31st December. The game is set to be delivered during January 2019!

Castle Panic for Children

Fireside Games are releasing a children's edition of their popular strategy game, Castle Panic. My First Castle Panic takes the tower defence gameplay and condenses it into a simpler 20-minute experience. The game is marketed at children aged four and over.

The player count is reduced from six to four, however players will still be working together to defend their stronghold from the monsters! The castle has been moved from the middle of the board to the edge of a path, where monsters can only move in a set path. This will make the castle easier to defend.

My First Castle Panic is due for release in March.

Hasbro Water Park and Resort.... It's Holiday Time!

The dreams of Hasbro fans around the world may be about to come true! Yes, Hasbro has announced plans for an indoor water park and family resort. The attraction will be themed around some of its biggest toy and game franchises, such as Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Nerf and Magic: The Gathering!

The resort will have themed hotel rooms, entertainment, food and much, much more! The location for the Hasbro resort has not been revealed yet, however it's due to be open by 2022.