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Mysterium Park Second Opinion

mysterium park

A Mystery At The Funfair

Welcome to Mysterium Park, a cooperative board game that invites players to unravel the mystery surrounding a strange funfair. Developed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, and published by Libellud, this game takes players on a captivating journey filled with premonitions, paranormal phenomena, and enigmatic apparitions. Playing as either the Ghost or a Psychic, players must work together to discover the circumstances of the Ghost's death and bring peace to the restless spirit. We will explore the game's setup, gameplay mechanics, and my Final Thoughts.

Game Set-Up

To begin, players must choose their roles: the Ghost or a Psychic. The Ghost takes on the responsibility of guiding the Psychics through the investigation using Vision Cards, while the Psychics aim to interpret these clues and uncover the truth. The game components include Vision Cards, Plot Cards, Character Cards, Location Cards, a game board, tokens, and pawns. The Ghost sets up the Plot Cards for each round, while the Psychics place Character Cards on the board. Once the setup is complete, the game is ready to commence. I’ve timed myself, and you can have this game going in less than a minute if you know what you are doing.

If you are like me though, the artwork in Mysterium Park will make you take your time with set up, as it is visually captivating and sets the tone for the game's mysterious atmosphere. The illustrations by Xavier Collette and M81 Studio breathe life into the characters, locations, and visions; immersing players in the enigmatic world of the funfair. The choice of colours and attention to detail contribute to the overall appeal of the game, enhancing the players' engagement and sense of intrigue.


Mysterium Park strikes a balance between accessibility and depth. The rules are relatively straightforward, allowing players to grasp the basics quickly. However, the gameplay does require players to think strategically and interpret the Ghost's clues effectively. While it may take a few rounds for newcomers to fully grasp the game's mechanics, the learning curve is not overly steep, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Chances are, you will all lose the first game but head into the second knowing what you need to do.

With this, one of the game's strengths lies in its replayability. With a variety of suspects, locations, and visions, each game presents a unique challenge. Furthermore, the collaborative nature of the game and the dynamic interaction between the Ghost and Psychics create opportunities for different strategies and outcomes, ensuring that each playthrough feels fresh and engaging.

The Psychics must work together to decipher the clues provided by the Ghost (who must remain completely silent), engaging in lively discussions and sharing their interpretations. The game encourages communication and teamwork, fostering an immersive and engaging experience. For the Ghost they will think either ‘Yes that’s exactly what I wanted you to do’ or ‘ NO! Why are you so fixated on the tiny clouds, it’s obviously the giant camel in the image!’ making it fun either way.

The components in Mysterium Park are of high quality The Vision Cards, Plot Cards, Character Cards, and Location Cards are visually appealing and durable even though they are quite thin. The game board and tokens are well-designed and sturdy, ensuring they can withstand frequent use. The pawns are made of colourful plastic, I’m not normally a fan of plastic pieces but it really works here as the pawns are miniature crystal balls.

Final Thoughts

Mysterium Park delivers an immersive and engaging cooperative experience, challenging players to unravel a captivating mystery within the confines of a strange funfair. With its stunning artwork, strategic deduction, and collaborative gameplay, the game offers an enjoyable and memorable adventure for both seasoned gamers and newcomers to the genre. While it may take some time for players to fully grasp the mechanics, the game's replayability and immersive theme make it a worthy addition to any board game collection. If you do not have it, you should probably get it!