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Monopoly Lifesized is Coming to London

monopoly lifesized feature

Monopoly undeniably sits upon its throne in the board game hall of fame. From fighting over who gets to be the dog at family Christmas dinners to rainy afternoons in, we have all played Hasbro's classic Monopoly. Now's your chance to experience it like never before in Monopoly Lifesized from August 14th!

Win the Challenge

Gamepath Entertainment has bought the deed of the yellow property at Tottenham Court Road. Monopoly Lifesized will be opening its doors on London's Westend in mid-August in a completely immersive escape room experience. Grab your family and friends and take part in this on-your-feet version of Monopoly. You'll have the choice of four 15m x 15m lifesized boards; Classic, Vault, City and Junior.

The Classic Board is a homage to all things Monopoly. Its challenges reflect the game's traditions as well as tying in the history of the properties you'll be fighting to win. Fancy something new? Try the City Board that takes you to the streets of modern-day London. Neon lighting and a beautiful skyline adorn this exhilarating nighttime adventure across the capital. The Vault Board is perfect for those players that INSIST on being the Banker. Mr Monopoly takes you on a tour of his own bank where you can get a taste of the finer things in life... whether you earn it or steal it. Experience a day at the Monopoly fairground with the Junior Board. This one is perfect for families with children who are aged 5 to 8.

Buy the Property

This brand-new 4D experience also introduces challenges and escape room elements, this isn't your typical game of Monopoly! Instead of handing over your, let's face it, 'well-loved' paper money to purchase a property, you'll need to compete in one of a kind challenges. From racing against the clock to build iconic London structures to pulling off a heist in Mayfair, Monopoly Lifesized will get all of your friends and family involved. Each board has a 75-minute playtime and you'll be guided through the whole experience by Mr Monopoly himself.

Own it All

With more ups and downs than the stock market, Monopoly Lifesized is the hottest new attraction opening its doors in London this summer. You can find out more here but in the meantime, explore our very own Monopoly range. From Uncharted Monopoly to Monopoly Deal, shop Hasbro's biggest hits here at Zatu.