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Moff Gideon Star Wars Legion Review

Moff Gideon


Moff Gideon is an interesting little build with one two minor changes that are linked together, you can either have him wielding a small blaster or the darksaber, and depending on this option his holster will vary to be with a gun or without. This can give some nice choices to the model and allows the player to fit him more into the aesthetic they are going for. The choice that you make has no impact on the actual gameplay of the model when taken into battle.


The model is easy to paint, but sadly the hardest part is being able to create enough detail for the model especially around the face, unless you are confident with painting a face, don’t expect much detail to come out. When painted he can still look good and to paint him I used these colours:

  • Abaddon black - the entire model
  • Mournfang brown - face, fingers and holster
  • Mecahnicus standard grey - tie fighter shrapnel
  • Nuln oil - whole model
  • Corax white - dry brush detailing on the darksaber to make it create a cool effect, and normal brush strokes on the base
  • Dawnstone - on the edges of the tie fighter to make them stand out
  • Agrax earthshade - on the white of the base to make it look like rubble


Moff Gideon brings something to the game of star wars legion which we have seen before and yet is still greatly appreciated, he has clearly been designed to represent how he works in the show the Mandalorian. A terrifying presence hidden at the back of his army ready to use his full force to crush his foes at a moment's notice, but don’t believe he won't cut you down if you happen to step too close to him as he is swinging around the darksaber, he will cut you down in a moments notice.

As he was brought out alongside the dark troopers and from the show has been closely working with such fierce foes it is only natural that he would be able to work well with them in the game, from both the directions he gives them from his command cards to the synergy built into his unit card to work with them.

Having keywords like ‘entourage: imperial dark troopers’ he is able to bring them in at no cost to their unit type, and his ‘ruthless’ keyword is great for handing out extra actions to troopers to give them the decisive advantage in tight situations. When combined with some of his command cards that gives him the ability to reposition the dark troopers on the other side of the map, its clear that he was built to lead them. This command card could also become a decisive action in the game as it could allow the imperial player to surround their foes with the right placement.

Lets also not forget that his one pip command card can give him the advantage if he is forced into close combat and can work surprisingly well if he has the darksaber equipped. gaining ‘relentless’ as a keyword whilst having ‘tactical 1’ already means that if forced into close quarters Moff Gideon could charge into his foes and attack them immediately gaining an aim token on the way giving him a better chance at landing the killing blow.


Moff Gideon is clearly a commander designed for long range control, being able to hand out strong command to all of his force and aid them from behind whilst being ready to sweep in at the last minute and finish of any remaining stragglers before they can flee from the battlefield. He is best brought into battle with his dark troopers which can be the only downside, a lot of what he can do is built around them and if they are absent he will bring less to the battle.

Together though Moff and the dark troopers are a force to be feared and best avoided, or if you are an imperial player, best invested into.