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Meet the Steel Colosseum Robots: Sentinel

Steel Colosseum - Meet Sentinel

Steel Colosseum is now live on Kickstarter! Steel Colosseum is a competitive team combat arena game for 2-4 players, featuring a series of scraps between two teams of two customisable fighting robots. Designed by Needy Cat Games, Steel Colosseum is also Zatu Games' very first publishing deal.

We're here with another robot reveal this week as we introduce Sentinel, the third in our lineup of Steel Colosseum scrappers.

Introducing Sentinel

An ex-military mobile gun platform re-engineered for the arena, this is Sentinel.

Custom-built during the data war, these units were rolled out in a long line on the battlefield. You could only see a row of shields for miles - that is until the cannons were revealed. Sentinel is the only robot whose onboard weapon system can attack at range.

Slow but powerful, Sentinel boasts an over-armoured front quadrant. However, if another robot is directly in front of Sentinel, they might just discover a little blind spot...

  • Volley Fire is a demonstration of Sentinel’s superior firepower, letting it make three separate attacks - one of which deals a bonus point of damage. It’s not an easy one to pull off by itself! You don’t get any movement, so you need to have lined up your target in the previous round (or make use of a Trick Card or two). But, if it’s used well, it can deactivate an enemy robot in very short order. 
  • Dig In is a move from Sentinel’s old army days. It fully deploys its gun shield and anchors itself to the arena floor, and then - open fire! Park it in between a pair of obstacles before using this card and the opposition will have a really tough time causing any damage.
  • Bombardment is a real ace in the hole. Your opponent will soon learn to fear your Gauss Cannon’s range and will do their best to hunker behind obstacles. This card lets you lob an indirect shot across the arena and hit them no matter where they’re hiding!


In the World of Steel Colosseum

Indira frowned. Lake’s antics during the last bout had given her a hell of a repair job on Relay. Having operated Shiba Zero before, she knew the robot always seemed to have an enthusiasm of its own beyond the mere operator-robot relationship. 

Well, it was time she taught that dog a lesson. They were in the midst of the final bout and, buoyed on by their victory, Lake had been riding her hard. Insectoid was its usual nightmare self, but it was Shiba that Indira wanted. ‘Time to deploy Sentinel,’ Indira smiled.

The slow, heavy robot played against her usual type. Indira was known for speed, after all. But she had a trick up her sleeve that she was sure Lake wouldn’t see coming…

Indira let Shiba pounce up and chip away at Sentinel’s heavy front armour. The dog ducked into the other robot’s blind spot, keeping it safe from the gauss cannon mounted atop the ex-military unit. Indira tapped furiously at her control until activating Sentinel’s escape booster. Rockets whined within the heavy machine and shot it sideways in a rapid blast. Lake sent Shiba leaping after it. They were so eager to finish stripping away Sentinel’s armour that they didn’t notice Sentinel had set down next to a heap of concrete rubble. The dog pounced under Sentinel’s blind spot, the debris blocking off its escape.

And that was when Indira deployed the buzzsaw.

A groan of horror rose in the stadium as the bout victory siren blared over the whine of the razor-edged blade. Shiba was well and truly deactivated.

Indira removed her headset and blinked in the bright artificial lights of the pod.

‘Good game,’ Lake crackled over the comm. ‘You left Shiba in quite a state.’

‘You drove me to it,’ Indira laughed. ‘See you in the scrap bay?’

‘You’re on,’ Lake said. ‘That buzzsaw gave me an interesting idea…’

Meet the Robots

There are five other robots to learn about, as well as four operators, so be sure to check out the whole Meet the Robots series. We also have a series of blogs on the team behind Steel Colosseum, which give some insight into how the game was made - and some sneak peeks at what's coming next!

And, of course, you can check out our Kickstarter page to learn everything you need to know about Steel Colosseum.

Editors note: This blog was originally published on March 5th, 2022. Updated on May 17th, 2022 to improve the information available.