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Meet the Podcast Team – Eloise Carr

podcast meet the team Eloise

To celebrate the upcoming season of Bush's Board Game Thing, we are bringing you a special podcast edition of the meet the team series! With two seasons and 26 episodes under our belts, Bush's Board Game Thing is thriving! So far, the team has talked about all sorts of games, from gangster games to games all about cats nothing is off-limits for this dynamic trio. Not to mention the amazing guests that have already featured on the podcast such as Matt Edmondson and great friend of the podcast, Keala Settle.

Today I am honoured to introduce you all to Eloise! Joining Andy and Brian in season 3 of Bush's Board Game Thing, Eloise is rearing to go. Having known the boys for years, Eloise is ready to dive headfirst into the wondrous world of board games. Take a minute to get to know our latest member, from her favourite biscuit to her unpopular board game opinion.

Name: Eloise Carr

Favourite Food: Ramen, but a very specific one from Bone Daddies called the Tantaman. It's spicy and peanutty and comes topped with - I kid you not - "cock scratchings", which thankfully are like pork scratchings but chicken

Favourite Biscuit: Chocolate hobnob. The best tea dunker there is!

Favourite Movie: Three Men and a Little Lady - This might sound rogue, but It's a dream 80s cast, proper feel good and has the best soundtrack - not to mention Tom Selleck's tash, which is exquisite!

Favourite Character: Buzz Lightyear

Hobbies: I recently bought an Olympus Trip 35mm camera and I am learning to use that - It's not going great, yet. I also like being nosy on Rightmove and I listen and watch all the true crime podcasts and documentaries I can find

What are you most looking forward to about joining Bush’s Board Game Thing?

I have known Bush and Brian for years and years and I think of them as big brothers… the kind of brothers you can't wait to dob in for being naughty, whilst looking like the angel of the group. Also, Bush's passion for board games Is Infectious and so as a bit of a board game novice I am excited to have some mates to play with and an excuse to catch up with some pals In the process.

What's your favourite game and why?

The lovely folks at Zatu gave me some to try out and I am loving Azul because it’s quite mindful, but I also love Taskmaster because of the chaos and mayhem and the weird things people come up with… the cleaning up after though… not so much!

What is the last board game that you played?

The last one was Splendor. I am hooked!

What’s your earliest gaming memory? 

Playing games at Christmas with family. I remember having the Big Breakfast board game on my list and the year I got It was a big year for the Christmas Day activities!

If you had to be a board game, what would you be and why?

I would be Cluedo because I love true crime and I get to be In a fancy… albeit slightly dangerous house.

Do you have an unpopular board game opinion?

Pictionary can get in the sea.

And finally, in honour of Brian’s Board Game Fact of the Week, what is your best board game fact?

The prisoner on the jail space in Monopoly has a name: Jake the Jailbird.

Get to know Eloise more when season 3 of Bush's Board Game Thing debuts next week!  In the meantime, why not catch up on the series? Bush's Board Game Thing is available across streaming services, so get listening today.