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Monster Hunter World Review

Monster Hunter is an action RPG series that puts you in the boots of a hunter, facing off against monsters in magnificent, lush environments!

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Second Opinion

Megan Knight 19/03/2024

A mix of humour, clever gameplay mechanics and haunting visuals, join Luigi as he embarks on a new ghostly adventure in Luigi’s Mansion 3!

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Star Trek: Resurgence Review

Jack Curran 18/03/2024

A narrative-driven adventure game, Star Trek: Resurgence delivers all the excitement and wonder of the Star Trek universe!

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Marvels Midnight Suns

Marvels Midnight Suns PS5 Review

Andre Stern 14/03/2024

Jump into the exciting world of Marvels Midnight Suns and join the fight to save the world via turn-based combat!!

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overwatch banner

Top 8 Most Annoying Overwatch Heroes (And How To Beat Them)

Lauren Skinner 12/03/2024

Ever wished death on a particularly frustrating Tracer? Here are my top 8 most annoying Overwatch heroes to play against—and how to beat them

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lego harry potter collection Feature

Lego Harry Potter Collection Review

Northern Dice 10/06/2021

Witchcraft, wizardry and whacky brick oriented couch cooperativeness. Lego Harry Potter boasts a plethora of collection inside an action-packed retelling!

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ring fit adventure feature

Ring Fit Adventure Review

Jonathan Leigh 09/02/2021

With Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo has baked a rich, protein-layered cake, with lots of flavour and filling, and a surprisingly low-calorie count.

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Super Mario 3D All Stars Review Feature Image

Super Mario 3D All Stars Review

Northern Dice 21/10/2020

Mario is the true champ of video games. He's timeless and always ends up on top. But do his major hits still make an impression in Super Mario 3D All Stars?

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Marvel’s Avengers First Impressions

Marvel’s Avengers First Impressions

Northern Dice 24/09/2020

Marvel's Avengers is set to be the next big AAA action adventure game - but does it live up to the hype? Check out our first impressions from the beta!

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Spider Man Miles Morales ps5

Spider Man: Miles Morales Preview

Northern Dice 28/07/2020

The next generation of consoles promise to deliver, and Spider Man: Miles Morales is one of the flagship games promising to make waves in video gaming!

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