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How To Play Town 66

town 66 how to play

Town 66 is a simple yet challenging tile laying game about organizing a town in a 6x6 grid. Each row and column of the town cannot have the same color or shape, there are 6 different colors and 6 different shapes. The player’s goal is to have the least amount of tiles while still participating in the game.


To start the game, you give each player a tile stand found in the game. Place the 36 tiles in the provided bag and mix the tiles. Each player takes 4 tiles and places them in their stands, the backs of the tiles have the color of the tile displayed, revealed to all players. This can help players strategize when determining which tile to place. After each player has taken their tiles, one player takes 1 tile from the bag, places it in the playing area, this will be the top left of the 6x6 grid. Determine the first player however you want.

Town 66 Gameplay

Starting with the first player, each player will take their turn following 5 steps.

Step 1, if you have 3 or more tiles of the same shape or color you may exchange the tiles, to do so you place the 3 tiles in the bag, mix up the bag, and draw 3 new tiles, if after exchanging tiles you again have the 3 or more tiles with the same color or shape, you may exchange them again.

Step 2, Choose 1 of your tiles to place into the town, each tile must obey 3 conditions.

Condition 1 = at least 1 side of the tile must touch the other house tiles in the town.

Condition 2 = You cannot place a tile in a row or column if there is already the same shape/color in that row or column.

Condition 3 = Each row or column can only have 6 tiles.

Step 3, Take 1 tile from the bag. If you run out of tiles, skip step 4, and go to step 5.

Step 4, You may discard 1 of your tiles and place it back into the bag.

Step 5, Hand the bag to the next player in turn order, congratulations you survived another turn.

Ending The Game

If a player  in Town 66 cannot place a tile or has placed all their tiles, then that player exits the game and play continues to the next player. Once all players are not able to place anymore tiles or they have placed all of their tiles, then the game is over. The winner of the game is determined by the player who had the least number of tiles left on their stand and stayed in the game longest.

Town 66 Solo Mode

Very simple and challenging puzzle that will keep you coming back time after time. Only a few changes are made for solo play.


Mix the 36 tiles and place them faceup, 3 different shapes/colors should be visible in 3 equal stacks. Choose 1 tile and that will be the top left of the 6x6 grid.

Playing The Game

Choose 1 tile from the 3 available, all placement conditions as stated above must be followed. Place as many houses as you can. Twice during the game if you cannot place a shape in a row/column, then you may flip the tile over and use it as a color only. You can never ignore the color by flipping a tile over.

Ending The Game

There are 2 ways the game ends, either you placed a tile incorrectly or you cannot place any of the top 3 tiles. Your score is based on how many tiles are placed, the more the better in Town 66.