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How to Play – Dixit

How to Play Dixit

First released back in 2008, the ever popular Dixit now celebrates its 10th anniversary and is still a firm favourite with casual and veteran gamers alike. The story-telling picture card game takes a simple idea and really gets your creative juices flowing.

Let's see how to play Dixit.

Set-Up - Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

The newer version of the game has a neat board built into the box with stones numbered from 0 to 30. Each player selects a coloured rabbit and places it on the zero space. The cards are shuffled and then each Dixiter is dealt six cards from the deck, with the remaining ones placed by the board to make up a draw pile. Players are also given voting tiles in their colour for each round.

A simple set-up and were ready to play.

Dixit Rounds - Picture This!

For the first turn in Dixit, select a 'storyteller' at random. That player will look at the hand of cards they have and secretly choose one. They then have to think of a sentence or word that can describe the card they've selected. After saying the sentence or word out aloud to the rest of the group,everyone else selects a card from there own hand that they feel matches the storytellers description the closest.

The selected card from each person is secretly given to the storyteller and they then shuffle them up. Cards are then placed face-up in a line and its up to the other players to decide which one was the storytellers original card. Once a decision is made, you put a voting token on the one you feel is correct. For obvious reasons, the storyteller doesn't vote. With all votes cast,the storyteller reveals the truth.

Easy you're thinking...not so fast!

Dixit - Box and Components (Credit: Libellud)

If all the players guessed the storyteller's card correct, then the storyteller gets no points whilst the rest get two points. If no one gets the storytellers card, again nil poi for the storyteller. If at least one person but not all get the right card, the storyteller gets three points. Finally, if someone else selected your card then you get an extra point for each person who did so.

It's a fine balancing act of not being too obvious,but at the same time being so vague that you perplex everyone.

Once the round is complete, the storyteller is the next player clockwise from the previous one and each person takes a new card to fill back to a hand of six. The game ends when all cards from the draw pile are gone, with the furthest along classed as the winner or if someone reaches 30 on the board.

Mix it Up

If you like the concept of Dixit but want to add a bit more razz to it, how about trying different criteria for each full round completed. Each player will have a go at the chosen theme, then after a full cycle, you change it up. Our favourites at the moment include:

  • Sound only.
  • Movie/TV shows.
  • Music.
  • Silent action.
  • Literature.

There's so many ways to keep the game of Dixit fresh, so just keep trying new ideas out to see what works well in your group.

I also advise getting the card protector sleeves. Many of my group place cards near there mouths etc, and greasy fingers from snack munching during a games night can ruin the beautiful artwork on the cards. It just keeps them in mint condition and for a cheap price.