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How To Play Chicken VS Hotdog

Chicken Vs Hotdog

Set up

Welcome to Chicken VS Hotdog! Here's our how to play guide. First, players get into two teams and select their chosen Sling’Em, either the chicken or the hotdog. Then, each team places their character cards with the grey side facing up in number order and draws 4 random face-down betting cards. And with all that set up, it’s time to play!


Players randomly select which team goes first, and then gameplay begins with that team turning over the first challenge card. This will have a challenge that must be completed within a set number of attempts, displayed in the top corner. These challenges can range from nice and simple, like a single flip, to the truly whacky Teams then choose one betting card to play face down, the higher the number on the card the stronger the bet. Now, on the count of three, both teams reveal their bet, and whoever placed the highest card wins the right to take on the challenge.

In the case of a tie, its Fliporama time, with each team member having to complete a single flip. Whichever team does this the quickest chooses whether to take on the challenge or pass it to the other team (in one-vs-one games each player has to do two flips before they choose). If the team manage to win the challenge, they get to turn over one of their character cards, simple right? But beware, if they fail it then their opposing team will get to turn over one of their character cards for free. Once all of the betting cards have been used, just draw four new ones, but remember to keep them secret from the other team. Play continues until the first team succeeds at enough challenges to turn over all of their challenge cards.