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Gravity Warfare – New to Kickstarter

Gravity Warfare - New to Kickstarter

Dexterity games are my jam. I love them, and so does my son who regularly wipes the floor with me. But there is only so much flicking, balancing and throwing you can do right? I mean every now and then you get a Flip Ships to shake things up a bit, but generally they play out broadly similar. Family affair Gravity Warfare is looking to bring something new to dexterity games with it's balance based game play.

Gravity Warfare

Balance has been done before, you cry. And you are right, but Gravity Warfare brings a huge pedestal type 'thingy' (technical term used by proper good writers). Atop this pedestal is a platform that you and the other players race to stack your ships on. This platform is not a stationary one however, that would be far too pedestrian! This thing moves around like it's going out of fashion. It spins, leans and wibbles all over the shop.

At the start of the game you pick a commander and protector card, all six ships in your colour and five challenge cards. Your objective is simple - get all six of your ships on the subspace platform. These might be stacked on other ships, or on the platform itself. If you make the ships fall however, you lose.

This might be challenging enough but the other players have powers to make it even harder for you. Close your eyes, use your non dominant hand, place your ship while making me a cup of tea, that sort of thing.


What Goes Up...

The game looks amazing and if the gameplay matches the looks and components this could be a winner. The developer will have to balance the price point with the gameplay, but hopefully the 3D miniature like ships will win over the fans.

The obvious risk with dexterity games is that they are one trick ponies. In some ways Gravity Warfare is no different, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing. When that trick is made the centre piece of the game, they it can draw people in for fast furious fun. Drawing a crowd is exactly what the game has been doing according to the footage on Facebook.

To help with that Smart Iguana Games have been taking a giant version of the game around games conventions. I'd love a whirl on that thing!

Family Affair

Gravity Warfare is a product of a large family who created a business to bring games to the market. You can read more of their story here. The game went live on Kickstarter today (April 18) and was funded in under seven hours. Currently, just under 200 backers have raised around £15,000.

Nick can also be found at Board, Deck and Dice.