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Gamelyn Games: Heroes of Land, Air and Sea

For anyone who claims to be a board game fan, Gamelyn Games should be a name that is familiar. The Tiny Epic game series is one that is very well thought of among gamers and I for one love Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

Other entries in this series include Tiny Epic Western and Tiny Epic Galaxies with the latter being one I am very keen to play soon and with its new expansion due out soon one that will be in the limelight soon.

The last successful Kickstarter was Tiny Epic Quest and this was a game I instantly backed due to it looking like the board game version of Zelda. With quests to complete, items to collect and weapons to upgrade it will be a game that my group will get a lot of fun out of.

With all the success Gamelyn Games have had, when they announced a none Tiny Epic game everyone’s eyes were firmly fixed on what they would be giving the fans. A full-sized board game that has miniatures and the successful past of Gamelyn Games should be an instant success right?

Gamelyn Games - Heroes of Land, Air and Sea

A 4X-style game for 2-6 players that plays in two hours. Heroes of Land, Air and Sea features miniatures and cardboard constructs with gameplay that is influenced somewhat from previous Gamelyn Games. I was excited to back this game and was waiting by the PC for the campaign to go live and back it straight away.

It did not go smoothly at all. The first campaign had to be cancelled due to errors on pledge levels, then people were not happy with the cost and the final nail in the coffin was when people complained about not having an option for only standees instead of miniatures.

Despite all this the game reached funding of $259,000 before Gamelyn Games pulled the plug. The company gave me the reason behind this decision and explains it was one that wasn’t taken lightly...

‘The backers and our fans were not happy and somewhat confused with the different pledge levels and this did not sit right with us so we decided to have a look at how we could improve the campaign. We are now back on Kickstarter and have made some awesome improvements. These can be found here but include easier to understand reward tiers, better prices and we have even kept to the same date of fulfilment."

I recommend that everyone who is a fan of any board game by these guys goes to the Kickstarter page and looks at the game and the improvements they have made. At the time of writing this the funding is at $310,000 and rising.

I think the fact they were willing to listen to the feedback and try and make the fans happy is only a good thing and something that is becoming common place among Kickstarter campaigns and its us the backers that will benefit from this in the long run.