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Final Girl Series Three Preview

Final Girl Series Three

The highest rated solo game on Board Game Geek has launched their highly anticipated Kickstart for the third season of content. Yes, that’s right – Final Girl Series Three is now crowdfunding (and at time of writing, has already funded.) If you’re a fan of the thematic horror based solo game, you do not want to sleep on this. At least, not with the lights off.

The Feature Film system has returned, with players having the opportunity to gain even more Final Girls, locations and Killers to challenge themselves. With each new season, you get five new Feature Films and this one has some excellent parodies. The Killer from Tomorrow features the Hunter, a cyborg from the future, arriving in Sunnydaze Mall, for example. Or The Falconwood Files, a nod to Stranger Things, debuts the Slayer and Falconwood as the location but also includes a D20 in the box!

For those who have a good chunk of content already, there are some new surprises, such as the Special FX Crate, included within the Series 3 Ultimate Box, which includes a dice tray, 6 new blue Tear Dice and a Tear Tracker which lets you use the tears of the players to good use.

Now to the pledge levels. You can go straight for the Feature Film you want with the A La Carte option, or collect all five Feature Films in one pledge. If you want the mini’s to go with it, you absolutely can! Or even go for the Ultimate pledge, getting all the Series 3 products into one delightful storage box. Finally, if you’re new to the game, and want to just dive into the deep end, you can go for the Ultimate Collection with the Ultimate Box for Series 1, 2 and 3, with all the Kickstarter exclusive Mystery Boxes. Oh yeah, did I mention there’s Mystery Boxes? There’s a bunch of different add-ons and stretch goals, both standard and premium, and a new introduction to the system: the Special Feature Box. This box is a new addition to the campaign titled the North Pole Nightmare, featuring Krampus at Santa’s Village. This new box, not associated with a series, and backers can get it at a heavily discounted price or even FREE (shipping will be required) depending on the funding success of this campaign. There is some post-campaign action you have to undertake beyond backing the Kickstarter alone, but this single box is already in production, aiming for Christmas delivery!

Honestly, I don’t think I can do the full campaign enough justice with my words, so go and check out the campaign now to hear from the designers themselves. I know I already have this backed!