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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Card Game Announced

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 7

As an exciting surprise to Finfans at the Tokyo Game Show, To celebrate the remastered edition of Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix have announced, Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game Materia Hunter. A card game adaptation for fans of the series to try their hands at..

Materia Hunter is a competitive card game for up to 4 players with games lasting around 30 minutes each. During each game, players will find themselves competing against each other to collect the most materia using characteristic abilities that are included on each of the character profiles and other cards that are revealed throughout the game.

Inside the box, players will find 20 character cards, 80 materia of varying types, medal token and heaps more components to play with. All of which will feature the well known art styles that fans have grown to love over the years.

In a sneak preview, Square Enix revealed screenshots of the characters that players can expect to see, which included: Aerith, Yuffie, Cloud Strife, and Tifa Lockhart. All of which are fan favorites that play a huge role in the original and remake of FInal Fantasy VII Rebirth.

FFVII Rebirth is the second of three parts as Square Enix remasters a true fan favourite of a title. This installment sees Cloud and the gang venturing outside the walls of Midgar to explore what feels like an endlessly open world. And for those who haven’t played the classic Final Fantasy VII Rebirth video game, there’s no better time as the present as the first part is available now and the remaster will be coming to PS5 on February 29th.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game Materia Hunter is set for release in April 2024 and will go straight to store. However, eager fans can preorder the title now to ensure they get a copy when it hits shelves next year.