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EA Play Live 2021 Round Up


EA Play Live 2021 has wrapped up for another year. EA really tried to hype things up, starting with the usual static screen with a countdown. Once it hit zero we were “treated” to a pre-show. This involved two people talking about people talking about games, and then showing the videos of people talking about the games they just described. All the while another countdown timer ticked away in the corner of the screen letting everyone know how long they had left to make a cuppa or grab a snack. Thankfully once that timer hit zero the show kicked off in glorious fashion with Xavier Woods (AKA: WWE’s Austin Creed) at the helm. Here’s what you missed:

Grid: Legends

Codemasters announced Grid Legends arriving in 2022. This time it comes with a live-action story mode, complete with real-life actors including Ncuti Gatwa (Eric Effiong in Sex Education). We were also treated to some gameplay that looked stunningly realistic. Grid Legends will boast 130 routes, including real-life tracks such as Brands Hatch and Indianapolis. Players will be able to race and upgrade over 100 vehicles from classic touring cars to big rigs, single-seaters, to stadium trucks. With the inclusion of the race creator, players can take their favourite mixed-class rides onto the track and battle it out online... I’ll be in the big rig.

Apex Legends

Next up was some Apex Legends news. Apex Legends: Emergence is the next major update for the battle royale, and launches on August 3rd. We were then given a look at the latest character to join Apex’s roaster - Seer.

Lost in Random

The next title at EA Play Live 2021 didn’t include the word ‘Legend’, which was nice. Lost in Random, a gothic fairytale-inspired action-adventure from Swedish game studio Zoink, is due out 10th September.

Knockout City

Velan Studios announced Knockout City Season 2. It’ll include a map of movie-inspired arenas called the Holowood Drive-in. Not only that but there’ll be a new ball, playlists, gear and rewards. It launches on 27th July.

Battlefield 2042

EA unveiled Battlefield Portal - a fantastic new mode for Battlefield 2042. It’ll let players mash up parts of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 in custom maps. Want to see who would win in a fight between knife-wielding WWII soldiers and modern-day military armed only with defribulators? Battlefield Portal will help you answer that one. Battlefield 2042 is out on October 22nd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Dead Space

EA Play Live 2021 ended in the best possible way, by announcing the long-rumoured Dead Space remake. It’s being “built from the ground up” by EA Motive of Star Wars Squadrons fame. It’s due out on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. Yeah, it’s next-gen only. There’s no release window as yet so keep everything crossed you can grab a next-gen console before the bots and scalpers.

For those that don’t know - the original Dead Space launched back in 2008. Players took on the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, and went on a horrific journey through the mining ship USG Ishimura. Its crew was slaughtered by nightmarish creatures delightfully known as necromorphs. What followed was a fantastically atmospheric third-person horror that saw players desperately try to fix the vessel and escape. All the while shooting limbs off necromorphs and trying to find Isaac’s missus - Nicole.