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More Azul? Crystal Mosaic Expansion Revealed

Azul Crystal Mosaic Expansion Revealed

Next Move Games have announced another Azul title! Just when you thought Summer Pavilion might be the last Azul title for a while, Crystal Mosaic pops up it's head. In a somewhat unclear post it seems rather than being a standalone game, Crystal Mosaic is an expansion for the first game. This wallet friendly news is further enhanced by what's inside the box.

Crystal Mosaic - What We Know

The first thing is four new double-sided player boards. The original Azul came with double-sided player boards. Therefore, this expansion would take your options up to four patterns to achieve. Perhaps more excitingly for us geeks is the inclusion of four separate plastic overlays. They appear to be compatible with the original game's player boards. It is actually nice to see some support for the original Azul, which still continues to sell well. This is often demonstrated by our monthly top 10 sales!

New patterns on the player boards will be a bit more involved than the plain grey backs of the original's alternative pattern. They will give rise to new strategies and drafting priorities. The overlays are also an excellent inclusion. One of the big complaints of the original was that it was easy to knock your scoring marker off your board.

Should this expansion sell well it is easy to imagine that similar titles would be announce for Stained Glass and Summer Pavilion. Arguably, neither of those titles need plastic overlays to quite the extent that Azul does. However, it seems easy enough to develop new pattern window and boards for each title respectively.

Azul Crystal Mosaic Expansion Boards (Credit: Next Move Games)

Coming Soon

Next Move are listing the new expansion as an April 2020 release for retailers. Keep your eye on the Zatu store for pre-order availability.

What do you think of this announcement? Milking it for all it's worth? Happy to see even more Azul? Head over to our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know if Azul is making you blue! #seewhatIdidthere #spanishinnit