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Captain In Gravis Armour Review

captain in gravis armour

If your going to war in the 40k universe in the hopes to lead humanity to glorious victory, you are going to need firm captains to lead your squad and in gravis armour they are incredibly strong. Presenting: Captain in Gravis Armour.


The captain in Gravis armour is a standard space marine figure which can be crafted in many different ways depending on how you wish him to appear on your battlefield, he could go in with a chainsword, a power sword or empty gauntlet for his right hand. He can also be fully covered in a helmet, partially covered with a mask or have his face shown front and centre. This allows you to create a variety of different captains in gravis armour even before you consider painting your models. As always for every option games workshops have very clear instructions on how to build this model making it easy to assemble to model.


As this is part of the standard space marine line of figures it does not have a preset faction when built, it comes with rules straight away based on the armour and weaponry but however you paint this model will affect other rules the model plays by. You have a whole host of factions to paint this awesome model each bringing unique ruleset to stand out for the game, but for my model I painted him in the style of the Emperors Spears:


The captain in gravis armour may from the start of the game seem like any other captain with his ranged weapons working very similar to that of many space marines, but they made sure to give him the strength to pack a very strong punch. The captain's power fist is an incredibly strong weapon that can be used to deal out a lot of damage towards whichever models it targets in close range.

Overall if you need some captains to lead your space marine squads trust in the captains in their gravis armour as they will make sure to slay many enemies in the name of the emperor.