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Board Game Spotlight: Stronghold 2.0

Our newest spotlight sees us manning the ramparts and preparing the catapults as we take a peek at Stronghold 2.0.

The Game

Stronghold 2.0 places you and one other player on opposite sides during a siege. The game board represents the stronghold as well as the surrounding terrain, where the attacking forces will be placed. The attacker has only one goal, breaking through the castles defences before the end of the seventh round, and as such a desperate fight will take place every single turn.

The invaders will build war machines, equip and train their soldiers, as well as use black magic rituals in order to try and achieve victory. Meanwhile, the defender repairs walls and build cannons in an attempt to hold the castle as long as possible. If the attacker cannot break through in time victory will go the defender.

Both the attacker and defender in Stronghold 2.0 will have a set of objectives which will encourage them to consider a particular plan, but ultimately it is up to you how you proceed.

Stronghold 2.0 is a reboot of the original game, released in 2009, and features streamlined rules, a larger map and new artwork.

An expansion titled Stronghold: Undead is slated for release this year and will feature new attacker routes as well as mechanics for gathering mana and inspiring terror.

The Designer

Ignacy Trzewiczekis a Polish game designer and long-time role-playing game writer. He has designed many great games such as Imperial Settlers and 51st State as well as being the author of the Board games That Tell Stories collection of essays, which are written alongside other famous designers such as Rob Daviau, Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala, Mike Selinker.

The Publisher

Stronghold is published by Portal and Stronghold Games, the former being a Polish company that has published hits such as Robinson Crusoe and Neuroshima hex while the later is a North American game publisher.

Stronghold Games were the publishers of the acclaimed Space Cadets series, as well as Among the Stars, a card drafting game and many other titles.