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Board Game Spotlight: Junta

Junta Spotlight

Today's spotlight takes us over to sunny Republica de los Bananas, where trouble is brewing, as we take a look at Junta, Viva el Presidente!

In Junta, players represent members of prominent families in the Republica de los Bananas, each of which are trying to take power and amass their fortunes, without getting themselves assassinated.

The Game

Junta is a game for between two and seven players. At the start of the game a president for life is elected and that individual will then designate the other players roles, at their own discretion! So being chummy with the boss is rather helpful, especially since they will also determine your salary each turn. If you have had enough of bringing the office lunches and cleaning the boss's shoes, then there is another option for you and that is to start a coup.

Providing you have gained enough support from your fellow players, and you win the battle, you could be the next president. You may even get to execute the previous one, or a rival, but beware that another coup is not launched against you! It could be a long fall back to the bottom.

At the end of the game, president or not, its the money in your Swiss bank account that matters, so keep that in mind before you launch an assassination, or bloody coup.

The Publisher

Alderac Entertainment Group or AEG, are a board game and collectable card game publishing company, founded by Jolly Blackburn in California. They are known primarily for several great role play settings such as Legend of the Five Rings and Swashbuckling Adventures, but entered board games in 2009 with ten new releases, two of these have drawn a great deal of attention, Thunderstone and Smash Up, both of which are deck building games.

Other board games of note include the Love Letter series, Dice City, Istanbul and their now famous Black Box. The Black Box is released each year and features a mystery game that won't be revealed until it arrives at your home!

Play Junta Today

Don't forget that if you want to take over the Republica de los Bananas, Junta is available to buy on our online store.