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Ryan Burdus

I've always been a gamer and nerd in general. I'm fairly new to board games but I'm already addicted and currently expanding my collection and delving deeper into the world! In my spare time outside of board games, you'll find me either gaming, coding, or sleeping!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Character Dark Souls

Dark Souls Character Expansion Review

Ryan Burdus 19/10/2023

10 armored character models to replace the basic player miniatures when the player discovers and equips the corresponding cards.

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HeroQuest: Return Of The Witch Lord Quest Pack Review

Ryan Burdus 01/09/2023

Worthy companions, we must act fast. The Witch Lord is not dead! He has found refuge in the fallen city of Kalos in Return of the Witch Lord.

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HeroQuest Base Game Second Opinion

Ryan Burdus 03/08/2023

HeroQuest is THE game that takes a lot of people back to their childhood roots. So, we already know it's going to be good.

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small islands

How To Play Small Islands

Ryan Burdus 30/06/2023

Small Islands is a tile-placement game in which you are daring explorers discovering a magnificent archipelago!

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stardew valley (1)

Stardew Valley Second Opinion

Ryan Burdus 26/05/2023

#farmingandfriendships - what do you think of? I know I think of Stardew Valley... and maybe making friends with the pigs?

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Hibachi Review

Ryan Burdus 25/05/2023

Hope you have your chef hat at the ready! In Hibachi collect the best ingredients for your dishes in Hibachi and WIN.

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goonies never say die

Goonies Never Say Die Review

Ryan Burdus 13/04/2023

Who says you gotta be a Goonies fan to love a good game of Goonies Never Say Die? This is D&D with a Goonies twist (lol).

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good puppers

Good Puppers Review

Ryan Burdus 13/04/2023

Do you like cute dogs? Want to pet every pup you meet, every good pupper deserves pets? Luckily Good Puppers is the board game for that!

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