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Neil Parker

I've been working in the charity sector for over 25 years after graduating in law, and worked for over 18 years with Citizens Advice where I am currently. I've been playing roleplaying games since 1982 and recently I've been a DM almost non-stop since Jan 2020 on long campaigns. I've been playing board games for most of my life and between 2017-19 I worked for a mental health recovery centre where I facilitated a board games therapy group, and since then I've promoted board games as a therapeutic pastime. Since 1999 I also spend some of my free time at a monastery.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

harlequin troupe

Harlequin Troupe Review

Neil Parker 12/06/2024

There are many good miniatures available these days, but for aesthetic value Citadel’s Harlequin Troupe takes some beating!

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Fungi – Second Opinion

Neil Parker 29/05/2024

Interested in a two-player game with good replay value? Well, how about trying Fungi? A small game that packs a punch!

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Guidance For New Game Masters (GM)

Neil Parker 23/04/2024

New to running roleplay game sessions as a Game Master (GM)? Want to avoid common mistakes? Then you've come to the right place!

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Risk Legacy Review

Neil Parker 08/04/2024

So, you think you know Risk? Bored of the basic game? Well, how about you try a modern twist on the original game with Risk Legacy!

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D&D Male Half Elf Bard Miniatures Review

Neil Parker 08/04/2024

Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures includes Male Half Bards - find out why these are the models for you!

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Nolzur’s Iron Golem – Wave 10 Review

Neil Parker 25/03/2024

Looking for a monster miniature to impose a presence on the tabletop? If so, then take a look at Nolzur’s Iron Golem miniature!

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Cat Days Review

Neil Parker 18/03/2024

A game for the cat people: Cat Days is a fun little card game that’s quick to play and supports a great cause!

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Gurps Basic Set – Characters 4th Edition Review

Neil Parker 18/03/2024

Want a bit more detail in your roleplay games? Want added depth to character creation Well, why not take a look at Gurps 4th Edition?

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Res Arcana 1

Res Arcana Second Opinion

Neil Parker 19/02/2024

Jump into the world of Res Arcana a fantasy-themed game full of strategy and quick games. Raise your power to claim victory!!

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Roleplay Game Sessions

Neil Parker 07/02/2024

Ever feel like time drifts by in a session and not much was done? Find out how to get the most out of your RPG session here!

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