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Max Davie

Omnivorous gamer. Father of three. Paediatrician. Airborne bear.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Tribes Of The Wind Review

Max Davie 20/09/2023

In a post-apocalyptic world, the tribes of the wind are going to rebuild the world on the polluted ruins from the past.

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Lords Of Ragnarok Review

Max Davie 27/07/2023

In Lords of Ragnarok, you will lead a unique, asymmetric hero and their army, trying to be the ultimate victor in a war that unfolds.

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UKGE Scythe Expeditions

UKGE Fun Finds

Max Davie 27/06/2023

UKGE was filled with a whole bunch of fun finds (which we was of course expecting!) but what were the stand-out points?

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Feelinks Review

Max Davie 11/05/2023

You've been given the chance to not age. Are you taking it? Feelinks is a game where emotions is the aim of the game... get ready to express!

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black market

Black Market Bargain Quest Review

Max Davie 08/05/2023

Do we recommend the Black Market expansion to Bargain Quest? That we do! Let's find out if you are going to agree.

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dragons smash up its your fault

St George’s Day Dragons In Games

Max Davie 24/04/2023

There's a surprising number of board games with dragons in them. So what are some of the best for St George's Day?

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mystic scrolls

Mystic Scrolls Review

Max Davie 20/12/2022

You know when you wake up & you're a wizard? Just me? Oh... well in Mystic Scrolls you are a wizard trying to cast as many spells as possible

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starship samurai cards

Starship Samurai Review

Max Davie 14/12/2022

In Starship Samurai across the far reaches of the Lotus Galaxy, a civil war is waged by massive machines piloted by skilled warriors.

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Marrakech Review

Max Davie 29/11/2022

Take on the role of a rug salesperson and outwit your competition! Marrakech is a game where the player with the most coins will win!

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