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Lee Underwood

Hi, I’m Lee. I live in Yorkshire on the East Coast. Love the sea, not so keen on the sand. I’ve only been playing modern tabletop games for a couple of years so I’m still fairly new to the hobby. It’s taken me fifty years to discover the joy only cardboard tokens and wooden meeples can bring so I guess it makes me something of a Born Again Board Gamer. And I love talking about games almost as much as I love playing them.

Fancy a quick game? You set it up, I’ll put the kettle on.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


Acquire Review

Lee Underwood 03/11/2023

In Acquire, each player strategically invests in businesses, trying to retain a majority of stock. Will you succeed or fall?

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Arlukkachase Review

Lee Underwood 27/09/2023

In Arlukkachase, you and your friends will battle a dark and deadly Virus in order to save the world as we know it!

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Age of Heroes Marvel

Age Of Heroes Marvel Review

Lee Underwood 16/08/2023

Marvel Age of Heroes is a fun and exciting strategy games for fans of the franchise! Defeat villains and complete your objectives.

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lots filled in

LOTS Filled In Review

Lee Underwood 28/06/2023

Into this crowded market place of Roll n Writes comes Lots: Filled In, a roll and write version of a 2020 competitive tower building game.

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juicy fruits

Juicy Fruits Review

Lee Underwood 13/06/2023

Juicy juicy juicy fruits! The best way to have your fruit. Also the best way to play a game of Juicy Fruits is with some juicy fruit.

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railways of the world

Railways Of The World Review

Lee Underwood 11/05/2023

In Railways of the World you get to reverse time way back when to the early days of the steam team! Build an empire of railways!

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board ROYALE

Board Royale The Island Review

Lee Underwood 10/03/2023

Survive in Board Royale the Island, you need to be a sneaky and ruthless backstabber - sounds good right?

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my fathers work (1)

My Father’s Work Review

Lee Underwood 02/02/2023

Experiments are always a load of fun... in My Fathers Work, you find his journal and do your best to restore it back into its best form!

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star wars shatterpoint

Star Wars Shatterpoint NEWS

Lee Underwood 15/11/2022

Marvel Crisis Protocol x Star Wars Legion? I suppose you're going to have to wait and see. Let's read some more on Star Wars Shatterpoint.

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modern art game

Modern Art Review

Lee Underwood 15/11/2022

That keen eye for detail and great artwork will pay off here! In Modern Art it is important to make the most money possible...

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