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KeyForge - My Favourite Cards

Keyforge – A Few of my Favourite Cards

Joseph Ruffino 22/03/2019

These are not the best cards in KeyForge (although all of them are very good), these are my favourite cards. See which ones I picked today.

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Cryptid Board Game Review

Cryptid Review

Joseph Ruffino 18/01/2019

Cryptid is a deduction game from Osprey Games in which players are Cryptozoologists on the trail of a mythical animal.

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KeyForge: Call of the Archons Review

KeyForge: Call of the Archons- Review

Joseph Ruffino 04/12/2018

KeyForge is the latest two-player card game from designer Richard Garfield.It's a Unique Game, where every deck is as unique as the person who wields it!

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How to Play Keyforge

How To Play – Keyforge: Call of the Archons

Joseph Ruffino 23/11/2018

Keyforge is a "Unique Deck Game." That means that every deck you buy is completely different from every other deck. Learn more about playing the game.

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KeyForge - Pre-Release Tournament

Keyforge: A Pre-release Tournament

Joseph Ruffino 15/11/2018

Keyforge is a Unique Deck Game, published by Fantasy Flight Games, where the contents of every box is unique! Here's what happened a pre-release event!

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Risk Legacy Board Game Review

Risk Legacy Review

Joseph Ruffino 14/11/2018

Risk Legacy is played over 15 games with 3-5 people. Each individual game is won by gaining VPs, and whoever wins the most games is the overall winner.

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Startups Game Review

Startups Board Game Review

Joseph Ruffino 06/11/2018

Startups is a set collection game by Oink Games, where you aim to make the most profit by investing in eight startup companies. Learn more in our review.

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