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Joe Kearns

Board Game collector and enthusiast with a passion for tabletop photography and writing. I love social games with plenty of interaction but I also play games solo regularly.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food


FrostPunk Review

Joe Kearns 26/06/2023

Frostpunk is a game so thematic it feels cold as you play! It is a challenging and thematic game of survival.

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lands of galzyr

Lands Of Galzyr Review

Joe Kearns 24/02/2023

Embark on a quest of discovery and glory as you explore the Lands of Galzyr. It’s easy going and quick to pick up and learn.

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Tiletum Review

Joe Kearns 24/01/2023

Travel from various cities acquiring contracts for wool and iron in Tiletum. Perform the best actions possible.

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starship captains

Starship Captains Review

Joe Kearns 22/12/2022

In Starship Captains up to 4 players compete for reputation and glory across the galaxy in this adventurous euro game.

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planet unknown gameplay

Planet Unknown Review

Joe Kearns 25/10/2022

Planet Unknown is a polyomino, tile placement game for up to 6 players. Each player takes on the role of a unique corporation trying to colonise their own planet. Take […]

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the thing

The Thing: The Boardgame Review

Joe Kearns 30/09/2022

From movie to board game, The Thing is a game of different mechanisms creating an experience that represents the film.

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resident evil 3 board game

Resident Evil 3 Board Game Review

Joe Kearns 28/09/2022

A tabletop X a video game = Resident Evil 3 The Board Game. For 1-4 players, this game will impress you as much as the video game.

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Keystone North America

Keystone: North America Review

Joe Kearns 26/09/2022

Have you ever wanted to be a biologist? Take on the role of one in Keystone North America and build an ecosystem of cards!

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The Everrain Review

The Everrain Kickstarter Edition Review

Joe Kearns 04/07/2022

The Everrain is a superb, horror adventure game with unique sandbox gameplay and spectacular production values!

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