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Daniel Holmes

Hello, It’s nice to meet you. I’m Daniel. I am a stay-at-home Dad and spend all my time with my wife and daughter. My daughter is only 2, as of writing this, but has already discovered a love of rolling dice, so I know I have been doing something right.

I am a qualified gardener, ex-undertaker, trainee counsellor, seasoned board gamer, sporadic video game designer, short-lived podcast playwright, one time marathon finisher and knower of all nursery rhymes.

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

New Parents Caracassonne

Board Gaming For New Parents

Daniel Holmes 19/10/2023

As new parents, the tensions are high, the sleep is minimal and sometimes, all you want to do is play a classic game of your favourite.

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Nimalia Review

Daniel Holmes 03/10/2023

Design the best Animal Sanctuary about! Nimalia is certainly a game for animal lovers everywhere and brings out the creativity!

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Sub Terra: Annihilation – Second Opinion

Daniel Holmes 19/09/2023

You’re in way over your head. The nightmares in this cave must be destroyed, by any means necessary with Sub Terra: Annihilation.

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extraction sub terra

Extraction Sub Terra Review

Daniel Holmes 08/09/2023

You’ve returned to the cave & you’re not alone. A new threat has emerged from the shadows – faster and deadlier in Sub Terra: Extraction.

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Sub Terra: Investigation Review

Daniel Holmes 30/08/2023

Not all of you made it out alive. Return to the cave and search for your fallen friends in Sub Terra Investigation.

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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Review

Daniel Holmes 17/08/2023

Your village is overrun by savage werewolves, and there's only one thing that can help you. The Silver Bullet.

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flip switch and roll

Flip, Switch And Roll Review

Daniel Holmes 04/08/2023

Flip Switch and Roll is quite simple really. You Flip and you also Switch and you also Roll! Crazy, right? Is it good though...

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yogi guru

Yogi Guru Review

Daniel Holmes 04/08/2023

Yogi, gets a companion game — Yogi Guru — with more cards that affect the lower half of your body and some wild cards.

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Yogi Review

Daniel Holmes 28/07/2023

Yogi is a hilarious party game! In Yogi your aim is simple: to be the last person standing (often, in quite a literal sense)!

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