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Andy Broomhead

As a family, we really got into board games in a serious way at the start of the pandemic and it's been the most fulfilling hobby and community to be part of. By day I work for a national charity, but having something so enjoyable and varied as gaming is a great thing to be able to focus on. I love writing and photography and hopefully some of my reviews help people find their next favourite game!

Favourite: Game, Movie, Fictional Character & Food

Robot Quest Arena

Robot Quest Arena Review

Andy Broomhead 07/11/2023

Power up your pit stop, clip on your crossbow and start your system upgrade because we’re going battling in Robot Quest Arena!

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Deranged Review

Andy Broomhead 13/10/2023

Deranged is a gothic semi-cooperative adventure survival game in which you fight rivals, horrific monsters, and your own inner demons.

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Amelia's Secret

Amelia’s Secret Review

Andy Broomhead 11/10/2023

Amelia's Secret is the world's very first augmented reality escape room! Lovers of all things thinky and escapy will love this!

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Astra Board Game Review

Andy Broomhead 05/10/2023

Astra is a clever mix of tactics and strategy, with a streamlined and intuitive rule set that makes it easy to pick up and quick to play.

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Voices in My Head

Voices In My Head Review

Andy Broomhead 29/09/2023

Step into the courtroom and into the mind of a man on trial for robbing a bank. This is Voices in my Head!

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The Yawning Portal (1)

The Yawning Portal Review

Andy Broomhead 18/09/2023

After a long day, why not sit yourself down for an important roll at one of Waterdeep’s most famous establishments, The Yawning Portal.

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Affliction Salem 1692

Affliction Salem 1692 Review

Andy Broomhead 24/07/2023

Affliction Salem 1692 is a game set in the hysteria of a witch-hunt. Use your influence to whisper & protect some and have others arrested.

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Mech A Dream

Mech A Dream Review

Andy Broomhead 09/06/2023

Can robots Mech A Dream too? Collect steam and electricity and use these resources to build machines to build dreams!

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ChopChop Review

Andy Broomhead 11/05/2023

How hard can it be to remember two cards? A lot harder than you think. ChopChop is a fiendishly simple game of memory & strategy combined.

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dice games glow

5 Not Your Average Dice Games

Andy Broomhead 10/05/2023

Dice games are great. But we prefer those that aren't so basic and average! What are some of said games though?

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