Amy Baldwin

CG Generalist by day ... Board game enthusiast at night.

I'm Amy, I'm very fortunate to be in a career I enjoy and can be creative in! I think my creative side has played a big part in the joy I have when playing board games, I love thinking of creative ways to accomplish goals in a game.

I'm ashamed to say I thought playing board games meant playing only Monopoly, I had no idea there was such a vast collection of games waiting for me.

My eyes were opened wide to the world of board games when I played Avalon, with a group of friends in a pub.

Since then, I have become addicted and now play them on the regular *cough* and buying too many *cough*.

My favourite part of board games is the social element, I just couldn't recreate the same feeling I have when I play video games. It's an overwhelming feeling to be surrounded by like minded people, whilst completely destroying their meeples.

Articles By: Amy Baldwin

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