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Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada Expansion Preview

Starcadia Quest - ARRRmada Expansion Preview

ARRRmada is an expansion for Starcadia Quest! This is the latest game in the Arcadia Quest universe. This time, however, we're in space, a long way into the future! The game pits the Starcadians against space pirates, led by Wey Willy (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean films!).

This so-called plug-and-play expansion contains its own new campaign with six scenarios. However, it can also be “plugged-in” to any other Starcadia scenario. This allows pirates to literally loot what you may have previously considered sacred! The expansion contains its own set of pirate-themed upgrade tokens and three new game tiles so you can really immerse yourself in the crazy ways of a space pirate.

Of the 12 highly detailed figures that come in ARRRmada, you may be pleased to know that it contains two new heroes. You have the blonde-haired, part-cyborg Barb and the chunky green alien, Marsh Mellow. The other 10 figures are all pirates.

  • Wet Willy.
  • Four skull mask-wearing Bonehead figures.
  • Two Jolly Jocks.
  • Two Dog Watch figures.
  • A giant Crabby Meg - A muscular person with a shark head, robotic left arm and a crab claw for a right arm.

Little Red Corvette

The new Pirate Corvette dashboard is a sight to behold when loaded with the pirate figures. It also holds a deck of pirate assault cards. This is a unique set of cards to manage the Pirates' attacks as they dock onto the space station and commence with the lootin’!

Lootin’ takes place when the pirate assault cards are activated. Pirates will then steal some of the upgrade tokens that would have otherwise been available for players!

ARRRmada Expansion - Coming Soon

ARRRmada looks like it should be a lot of fun! I like the fact that as well as containing its own campaign, it can be used with existing scenarios to spice them up and give the base game more longevity. Extra heroes are always welcome, plus that Crabby Meg figure really is worth a closer inspection…