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Arkham Horror The Scarlet Keys: Meet The Investigators

Arkham Horror: Scarlet Keys

The dawn of the release of Arkham Horror: Scarlet Keys draws ever closer, and it's about time we met the investigators that will accompany us along the way.

Throughout the Scarlet Keys expansion, you’ll be touring the globe in search of the mysterious paradimensional implements, or keys, that everyone appears to be looking for. All whilst unraveling the conspiracies that mask their locations.

In total, there are 6 new investigators for this Arkham Horror expansion. However, today we'll be looking at the first three of them and seeing what they have to offer.

Vincent Lee - Medic

Although Vincent's flee trait is lacking, the rest of his skills present various possibilities for builds. One of which could be to focus him as a fighter who piles in with others and heals all wounds that get through.

And who could ignore those unique ‘On the Mend’ cards that accompany Vincent? You start the game with as many copies of ‘On the Mend’ as there are investigators, set aside out of play. Upon playing this card, you gain two ‘?’ test icons towards a test which provides a really nice buff. While you’re at it, why not pair them with ‘Grisly Totem’ to get maximum value out of each and every one.

There’s definitely a lot of combo potential with Vincent Lee, and cards that deal damage as they enter could earn a rightful place in his deck. I just hope that we get to see more of that bone saw in the new item cards.

Kymani Jones - Criminal

Are you a fan of stealth maneuvers? Enjoy sneaking between enemies and grabbing clues on a whim? The Kyamani may be the investigator for you. Gifted with an intellect buff when evading, and the ability to engage any exhausted enemy at your location as a free ability; you’ll simply be a shadow in the mind of your enemy.

Not to mention, that if you draw an elder sign during a test and the enemy is exhausted. You simply succeed the test without any further debate.

Also, given that agility is the dominant skill with this investigator, a clue and run build might work best for them. Especially as any cards that exhaust an enemy would compliment their investigator ability nicely.

Darrell Simmons - Reporter

Kodak is technically a flashlight for any trait. Beautifully overpowered when paired with cards such as winging it which improve the result to succeed by one. In addition, being able to add a token to any asset in play when you pull a star is a nice boost to your setup.

Needless to say, Darrell stands out as the most interesting so far. He’s a solid all rounder that would be a great addition to any team that might be lacking in certain areas.

It’s interesting to see new mechanics and cards popping up that are unique to investigators, but can still have a huge impact on the scenario. I can’t wait to see the wild combos and builds that the community discover as we get closer to release.

So there we have it, the first three members of our newest crew of investigators. Join me again soon as we meet the final three investigators for the brand new Arkham horror expansion. And while you're waiting, why not preorder the Arkham Horror Scarlet Keys investigator expansion. After all, the best investigator is a well equipped investigator.