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An Interview With Emily Abeydeera: Lorcana Set Four Illustrator


Last week, I went to the Release Party for the new Disney Lorcana set, the fourth since the first release of the game, at the Disney Store in London. It was an amazing event and I had the chance to meet Emily Abeydeera, one of the Concept Artists and Illustrators behind the new cards created for the “Ursula's Return” set. Together with signing some cards for me and my son, Emily has been so nice to take a few minutes to answer some questions.

Hi Emily, it is great to meet you and I know everyone would love to know more about the artist behind some of the great cards in the newer Lorcana set “Ursula's Return”.

Hiya everyone, I’m Emily and I’ve been illustrating Disney Lorcana cards starting from into the Inklands and now into Ursulas’s Return. I've been working across the video game and entertainment industries for over a decade and recently landed within this amazing world of TCG , I couldn’t be happier! I’m beyond excited working with Ravensburger and Disney, being such a huge fan of the films and Disney Lorcana.

What do you think of Disney Lorcana? Do you also play the game?

Of course! I absolutely love it! At one of the signings for Into the Inklands, a whole bunch of the players sat down for a draft and taught me how to play, it was great fun! I love playing whenever I can and am looking into building some decks!

How was drawing the cards for this set and for the previous one?

Oh, it’s always so lovely. Every time I start a new card, I get absolutely lost in the process and all the nostalgia. Making time to rewatch the films to really understand who the character is, what they’re thinking, feeling many aspects go into the artwork to do these amazing characters justice. From the beginning to the end it’s a fantastic experience every time.

I heard that sometime you bumped into interesting findings while getting to know your characters?

Yes! When I was making the card “Be King Undisputed”, I was listening to the song ‘Be Prepared’ so much and at some point I noticed a voice shift right at the end…super subtle, but it was there! After some research I discovered Jeremy Irons had an issue with his voice during recording and they switched him out on the last few lines. Super interesting to find out new trivia about Disney during the card art process!

That's really interesting. You know, “Be King Undisputed” is actually my favourite card among the ones you illustrated so far. May I ask which one you love the most?

It has to be both “Friend like me” and “Be King Undisputed”, I love them equally!

Thanks so much Emily for the interview and for signing our cards! It was lovely meeting you and thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience. Looking forward to see more gorgeous cards in the future sets!

You can also keep in touch with Emily at: