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News: Xbox Game Showcase Recap

xbox newspost

Xbox had a big task of swinging things back in their favour with this conference, and I think they've more than managed it, here's how...

Halo Infinite

This was always the poster boy, it's the game that Xbox have always pushed as their flagship title, and for good reason. It's a shooter of which we don't normally get, with only Destiny from the same developers being in with a comparison.

Masterchief is iconic and the multiplayer built up quite the fan base over the first three titles, however not everything can last, as Halo 4 and Halo 5 lost a lot of that popularity.

Halo Infinite looks to bring that back in a big way; perfectly balancing the mix of nostalgia and going back to what made it great, with new and innovative mechanics.

We get a good look at the iconic Banished enemies along with their brutes and some staples in the Halo storyline; with the final reveal of the big bad guy, offering a glimpse at potentially a horror aspect?

Halo Infinite ticked all the boxes, and is scheduled for a holiday release along with the console.

Halo Infinite


Now for the surprise, for some anyway, with the announcement of Fable. Unfortunately, we didn't get much information, only an adorable looking teaser with the comedy and charm which have always made Fable a must play; accompanied by the voice of none other than Stephen Fry.

State of Decay 3

If you're a fan of zombie survival games chances are you've played a State of Decay title, if not you can currently find State of Decay 2 on Xbox Game Pass. State of Decay stands at the top of this genre, boasting quality graphics, story and horror all enwrapped in a basic fight for survival.

We didn't get to see any gameplay, but we did get to see the virus isn't just spreading to humans...

Psychonauts 2

What could possibly improve the likes of Psychonauts, perhaps a celebrity? Perhaps comedian Jack Black? Correct, that is what we got. He's known for his singing and it scores this teaser perfectly as we see some behind the scenes work.

The teaser was very trippy, meaning the chance to explore wonderful worlds and characters is all but guaranteed in this adventure.

Psychonauts 2


Avowed is Obsidian's follow up to their smash hit The Outer Worlds for the next generation Xbox Series X. We didn't get any gameplay yet, but considering we've got The Outer Worlds DLC to chew on, I think we can forgive Obsidian.

The voice over, the style and medieval feel to this RPG all come together for what I'm hoping is a great time; considering the first thing I thought of was Lord of the Rings, that is massive praise for this trailer.

The Gunk

The best way I could describe The Gunk to somebody that didn't see its trailer would a more cartoony style to No Mans Sky. It looks like she's clearing up a planet from 'The Gunk' when she's attacked by one of the creatures. Truly gorgeous looking world and exploration.

Warhammer Darktide

The Medium isn't the only horror game mentioned, Warhammer have thrown their hat into the mix with Darktide. A title which only teases a few scenes, but we do get to see a horde of zombies and there leader close in our adventurers.

The lights are flickering, their guns jamming, the horde moving closer. Everything that could go wrong is, and it's perfect to capturing that claustrophobic feeling.

Warhammer Darktide

Tell Me Why

I was back and forth on whether to talk about this or Interior Night's As Dusk Falls, which is a drama story driven title, from the names of Heavy Rain and alike. I think they're both quite similar and interesting mysteries to unravel.

I went purely for Tell Me Why because of it's episodic approach, and earlier release which releases on 27th August 2020. Both fascinating stories about characters, and both titles I will most likely play through.


Now not everything was new, we've had a few updates, but big ones leading into the future of the Game Pass.

Destiny 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass with all the currently released DLCs. Maybe not good news for all the fans that have already bought all of that; fantastic news to everyone else as they can experience the behemoth for itself (as I'll be doing!)

The Outer Worlds has received its first piece of DLC, of which there is another coming, titled Peril on Gorgon; which led with a comical teaser, showcasing what it has to offer. Again, another title you're going to want Game Pass for, as it's a must play.

There are so many titles, we simply don't have to space to get in depth on them all, but wouldn't want to miss any out, as we've still got a whole host of amazing titles coming to the Xbox Series X...

  • Forza Motorsport 8
  • Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Stalker 2
  • Everwild
  • CrossfireX
  • Tetris Effect Connected
  • As Dusk Falls
  • The Medium
  • Hellblade 2
  • Grounded

It has been a real impressive showcase, but I think the most impressive thing about it all is Game Pass and the amount we're going to be getting on it. Whether you're playing on Xbox, PC or other devices, Xbox is truly moving into the next generation.