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What’s On Game Pass? September 2022

Game Pass

It feels as though a long time has passed since my last Game Pass review, but it’s only been one month. A lot can happen in a month; similarly, a month can pass where nothing happens at all. On Game Pass, something’s always happening. Games come and games go.

There was a hotchpotch of new additions this month: from third person action games to clever side-scrollers. Why not give-a-game-a-go that you might never have thought of trying. Head over to our socials and let us know what you’re playing.


INSIDE is an uncanny indie adventure game, set in a grim, black world that oozes mystique. It’s a side-scrolling platformer with a heavy feel, which compliments the environment and the subtly revealed narrative. The game blends moments of passive action with interesting puzzles. The ambient soundtrack and quite literal grey/black art style help to situate the game in a world you simply want to know more about.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Whilst lacking in the graphical and frame rate department, Wildlands still has something to offer for those seeking an interesting take on open world Tom Clancy. You’re in Bolivia, home of the Cartel known as Santa Blanca. Their objective is to create the largest Narco-State the world has ever seen. Your objective as a Ghost, is to lead your team and take them down. This can be done with up to three other friends or solo with AI.

At the time, this was Ubisoft’s largest open world and it does capture the vastness of the jungle and diversity of South America. Whilst not the most popular Tom Clancy game, I think you’ll be surprised by it’s capable immersion.

Two Point Campus

This is the follow up to Two Point Hospital and a fine job it does – here’s my full review if you want to know more. Whilst many of the previous mechanics remain, there’s enough here to stimulate your creativity on your way to campus glory. There’s a greater depth of business management as both campus workers and students alike have deeper means of analysis. The game is more charming than its predecessor and confidently displays its charisma like the campus jock.

OPUS Echo of Starsong

OPUS: Echo Of Starsong

Immensely potent ‘Starsongs’ that are emitted from asteroids are highly sought after in a power-hungry conflict. Jun wants to prove what he is capable of and sets out to tame these asteroids and claim their riches. After saving Eda, he realises he has the means to unravel these ancient myths. What he doesn’t realise is his connection to Eda will become more than a fortuitous meeting.

OPUS is a gorgeous game that features a genuinely refreshing story, carefully choreographed settings and excellent Japanese voice acting. It has a visual novel style and invites you to unwind in its world.

What Am I Playing

With Season 7 in Sea of Thieves comes the Captain’s Life updates. I’ve named my ship, dressed it in the finest customisations and have been setting sail on the final leg of my journey to becoming a Pirate Legend. Not long to go now…