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What’s on Game Pass? July 2022

Game Pass

There have been some interesting additions to Game Pass this past month. I say interesting because they’re games you wouldn’t necessarily ask for if someone gave you a choice. The standout title is FIFA 22; whilst I’m sure those who already play FIFA will have the game, it’s great that it’s now included in the subscription.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is another game that’s quite underwhelming but welcome. Who knows when I’ll want to tackle the scorching Egyptian desert? What’s even more important is the game runs at 60fps on the Series consoles. So, what a great time to return to Assassin’s Creed, especially if you’ve never played Origins.

Surely there’s more than this though? You’re right, and there are some great games. Here are my picks:

Disc Room

The game is in the title. You navigate rooms full of spinning blades. As the game progresses the blades become more, shall we say, elaborate? They get bigger, faster and generally more bladey. The challenge then is to utilise the various skills you acquire to navigate the reams of blades that are coming your way.

It's a brutally fun pick-up-and-play game accompanied by a gets-you-in-the-mood futuristic chillwave soundtrack; the artwork isn’t too shabby either. The downside is the game gets old quite quickly.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

This is a timeless brawler brought to you by Dotemu whose motto is retro. It reminded me of watching TMHT as a child and playing Streets of Rage with friends. Smash through the environment with your favourite turtle (obviously Donatello) on route to the ultimate boss that is Shredder. I forgot how great TMHT is.

Why is this game so good? It ticks the most important of those game design boxes: It feels so good to play. The game is smooth, the soundscape is ice cool and the art direction charming.

Shadowrun Returns

What began life as a table-top game returned in 2013 and returns yet again in 2022. This time, enhanced and refined for the next-gen consoles. The game takes place in a cyberpunk future where an amalgamation of cybernetics, fantasy and magic co-exist.  The predominant theme of the game is corporate espionage and capitalist warfare.

You play as a shadowrunner – essentially a data thief – who ends up on a strange quest to exact revenge on a serial killer and in the process stop an insect apocalypse. Shadowrun Returns is a single-player isometric RPG that is full to the brim with excellent story that takes place in an incredibly absorbing world.

What Am I Playing?

How kind of you to ask me. In lieu of my go-to (Sea of Thieves), I’ve taken to the mines again in Deep Rock Galactic. I’ve finally levelled a character to promotion and unlocked the ‘Deep Dives’. I play as a scout and have been quite happy with the quirky cosmetics I’ve been unlocking and the array of weaponry I now have at my disposal. I sport a gigantic teal moustache and a bowler hat. Quite the dandy!