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What’s On Game Pass August 2023

Game Pass

It’s been a strange old summer, what with the downpours, the cold, the random flashes of sun here and there. Anyone would think that it was April! That said, there’s a sure-fire way of remedying the early onset of winter blues – unless you like the dark nights, in which case ignore the following. Cosy up with a blanket on the sofa, maybe a bag of tortillas and dip and settle down on the Xbox for a gaming session. I thoroughly enjoy seeing what new games have been added to Game Pass, installing a bunch and trying them all out. Usually, something sticks.

A Short Hike

A beautifully short game about reaching the summit of the local mountain, and what it takes to get there. This game is fun for many reasons: the exploration of a gorgeous macro to micro island, undertaking sweet quests that aid you on your journey and meeting quaint characters that all have their own stories.

A Short Hike is the length of a short hike in real life. It doesn’t waste your time or patronise you. I’m surprised it only has four stars on Xbox because I believe it’s far better than that. If you like cute characters and strong world building, you will surely enjoy this game.


A game that stands proud in the pantheon of great indie games. It’s tough a game and like many games of this ilk, it resonates with the protagonist’s story. You play as Madeline and must survive her inner demons to reach the top of Celeste Mountain.

Celeste is a super-tight game that you will recognise as handcrafted from the moment you first play. The mechanics are simple, it’s driven by narrative and interspersed with hardcore platforming. This is another game with a four star rating. Most of the time, it’s the difficulty and perhaps its reputation that affects the way some players approach the game.


This came out of nowhere for me. I think I noticed someone on social media talking about it and thought I’d give it a whirl. TOEM sees you embark on an adventure, but not in the usual way. The only weapon you’ll be using is a camera.

Working your way from one hand-drawn location to another, you will complete camera related quests to uncover the mysteries of the magical TOEM. Strange characters and quests galore; TOEM is a cool expedition that rethinks traditional game mechanics.

Other New Additions:

What Am I Playing?

Strangely, I decided to reinstall Forza Horizon 4. I deleted my data and started from the beginning. Why, you ask, would I play 4 instead of 5? Well, I did complete 5, which is set in Mexico and I thoroughly enjoyed the content. However, there’s something about the UK setting in 4 that I find much more appealing to play.

Whether it’s the memories of Top Gear, or the fact I live in the UK, or because there’s something about the British landscape that lends itself nicely to the genre. There isn’t a performance hit as it’s basically the same game as 5, so even if you’re playing on a Series S, like myself, you’ll still get 60fps for a smooth driving experience.