Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines

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Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines – More Information Coming Soon!
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Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines - More Information Coming Soon!

Who Are The Chaos Space Marines?

Chaos Space Marines are the corrupted remnants of once-loyal Space Marine Legions who fell to the temptations of the Chaos Gods. These renegades are the mirror-opposite of the Emperor’s loyal Adeptus Astartes, twisted by the corrupting influence of the Warp and driven by dark ambitions.

They trace their origins back to the Horus Heresy, a cataclysmic civil war that tore the Imperium apart. During this conflict, several Space Marine Legions turned against the Emperor, pledging their loyalty to the Horus and the Chaos Gods. They became known as traitor legions and were eventually pushed back into the Eye of Terror – a chaotic Warp rift.

What’s In The Box?

A Dark Apostle leads the combat patrol while reciting passages from a book… that’s on fire. He’s flanked by two dark disciples who are excellent in close quarters combat. Five Havocs are ready to bring the pain with heavy weapons, including an intimidating chaingun. Ten Chaos Space Marines bring a good mix of mid to close range weapons and the patrol is finished with heavy support in the form of a Helbrute that can dish out and take punishment as needed.

First off, the Chaos Space Marines look great, their overall aesthetic hasn’t changed much over the years and it hasn’t needed to. They’re an imposing force to deal with, much like their Space Marine kin, but with some extra cruelty mixed in for good measure. This is an excellent starter box for those that want to turn worship the Chaos gods. The mix of troops allows for players to try different tactics and play styles to see what they prefer. And, like many of the other Combat Patrol boxes, each unit will become mainstays in your army even as it grows.

Are They Difficult To Paint?

Much like the other Chaos Marine factions, these ones are a challenge. Each model is adorned with several elements to tackle – chains, skulls, fire and horns to name but a few. Then you’ve got all of the ornate trim around the armour, including the helmet. Even the Helbrute is covered in ornate trim, you’d think having it on a larger model would make the trim grow with it, but that’s simple not the case. Luckily they predominantly have dark coloured armour, which makes covering up mistakes for another pass much quicker. And, if you’ve already painted Space Marines, you’ll already have a few of the techniques needed for these agents of evil.