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Collecting Beyond: Tyranid Starter Set



Invading the galaxy from beyond the galactic Void, the Great Devourer descended upon all living things to feed its eternal hunger. Tyranid swarm are truly alien, evolution and adaptation incarnate, serving the hive mind as one unified horror.

The Tyranid Faction is the truly monstrous faction, being a fast hard hitting melee force, great for those that want to swarm the board with miniatures. The forces in the introductory set are a great starting point for most players both beginners and Veterans.

Though the big question for those wanting to expand their swarm of tyranids: where to start? In this Article, we will be giving five recommendations.

Before we go over our recommendations, we should explore the strengths and Weaknesses of the units within the Starting units

What you currently Have:

A Winged Tyranid Prime acts as the leader of your army, a fast moving commander that can soar across the field and dive in melee skirmishes using its Prime Talons. With six attacks that deal two damage each, even elite infantry will hesitate to fight it. When leading a unit the unit gains sustained hits, which will generate more hits for your turns.

Three Von Reaper Leapers that can lay in ambush with their Leaper’s talons, this unit of infiltrators can be a nasty surprise for your opponent between their Pouncing leap and ability to Fight First. With toughness five and three wounds each, they can hold their own against units in melee.

A Brood of twenty Termagaunts each using a fleshborer stands as the army’s swarming unit, with the high numbers and suitable objective control, these critters can be spread across the board to hold or contest objectives. The high numbers come at the cost of durability as a horde unit.

A Psychophage stands as the hulking monster of the starting army and as the army’s centerpiece, generating an aura that provides a 6+ feel no pain ability for all friendly units with six inches. The Psychoclautis torrent is a power weapon against infantry, however the talons and maw are the real money makers, with anti-Psyker +2 and Devastating wounds that will evaporate any psyker that is grabbed by this monstrosity.

Strengths and weaknesses

The swarm has the numbers and speed in their ability to cover the board, making it easier for Tyrandis to control objectives, especially with the gaunts’ high objective control score. The army’s other units are great for sticking straight into combat and reaping heavy toils.

While the army has a monster of its own, the army with struggle with armies that are ranged focused and have brought a tank, even if it is a light one.. As well as that, the Warrior prime does not have a eligible bodyguard unit meaning that it is exposed as soon as it is placed on the battle, which is especially not good as the army’s only access point to the synapse ability. Without this, your weaker units will have a higher chance of breaking, which means they can’t score objectives.



The Melee equivalent of the Termagaunts, these gaunts use their talons to rip apart enemies in combat. Combining a massive ten inch movement and ability to advance and charge means they can keep up with even the Winged Tyranif prime.


The classic artillery beast of the hive fleet, this monster was given a major remodel in the latest addition. This unit has the powerful Spore Mine launcher which has a high range and can threaten the heavier armored troops. But it can also spawn spore mines to spread mortal wounds and slow down the enemy’s advances.


Both versions of this kit can empower your list as a strong bastion, the Tyrannofex carries the heaviest weapons the tyranids can bear, the rupture cannon standing as the notable powerhouse. A two shot weapon with a strength of 18 an armor penetration of -4 and 2d6 damage, only the heaviest of tanks and monsters will be left standing. The Tervigon however serves as a leader beast that can provide lethal hits to surrounding termagant swarms but also replenish them each turn.


The flying variant of the Termagants, gargoyles are the only (Currently) Winged infantry unit that can be the bodyguard of the Warrior prime, which is essential for the protection of your winged tyranid prime. With winged swarm and the assault rule on their fleshborer, Gargoyles can cover vast distances of the board each turn,


The living battering rams of the tyranid hive fleets, the number of weapons Carnifexes have as options gives them the ability to be tailored to the battlefield role you wish; from firing twenty four attacks to spray enemy infantry with twin devourers or hunt down tanks with crushing claws and a Heavy Venom Cannon. For the more melee focused carnifexes, their Special rule Blistering Assault allows them to advance 1d6+2 inches after being attacked, letting them get closer to their targets.


When looking to expand your miniature army, it is crucial to review what the potential of your warrior organisms and how to cover for weakness when seeking out biomass to consume on your next battle.

We hope that these recommendations provide an understanding of what you can choose for your next steps on your Warhammer Journey.

Collect, paint, and play! Adapt, grow, consume!

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