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Vikings Gone Wild: Battle of the Expansions

Vikings Gone Wild Expansions - Guild Wars

The freedom to fully customise your game experience by modifying themes and focuses, or adjusting the difficulty levels, makes each expansion for the highly acclaimed Vikings Gone Wild a great edition, adding an incredible amount of versatility to the core game.

The ability to mix and match any expansions allows for simple changes such as new divine favour cards or completely renovating the game with a whole new layer of mechanics to interact with in your own personalised game set-up. From the realms of fantastical fairies to the doom and destruction of a zombie apocalypse, there is a diverse range of expansions for all Viking and fantasy fanatics -  but how will you chose to customise your battleground and tribes of Vikings?

Guild Wars

After years of brawling between the tribes, differences were put aside in order to form alliances… to create one big mega war in a new 2v2 player mode! The main aspect of Guild Wars is the introduction of team games, adding a friendly co-operative side to the ruthless game. This, however, does not take away from the much-loved action and barbarity of the game, rather the combat aspect is emphasised.

Guild Wars also offers additional types of units; flying and wall breaking, and additional defences; anti air and wall building – which brings a unique layer to the warfare, alongside additional weapons and trap cards to captivate these new combat alternatives.

Don’t have enough players to fill out the 2v2 mode? Do not fret, this is only an optional addition to the expansion. Like the rest of the Vikings Gone Wild expansions, you can select what specific cards and mechanics you wish to use within your set-up. Even if you do not have enough players to enjoy the 2v2 mode or perhaps a free for all battle takes your fancy, this doesn’t restrict players from enjoying the unique cards and mechanics that Guild Wars has to offer.

If leading Viking warfare and fully exploring your options of units and methods of defence is what you enjoy most in Vikings Gone Wild then the Guild Wars expansion is sure to appease your warmongering ways.

It's a Kind of Magic

Witches, Warlocks and Enchanters come forth and rejoice over the It’s a Kind of Magic expansion! To create entirely new layer of mystical based mechanics within Vikings Gone Wild, the Viking tribes are on the search for magic users. Buildings and units unique to the fanciful theming are conjured within this expansion. Summoning new buildings such as the Sorceress Tower allows players to inflict the enemy buildings with curses or cleanse their own with blessings.

Or perhaps become a Dragon Master, with new mystical units like the Dreki to add to the fantastical flavour of this expansion. Offering counter attacks to spells and the ability to raise your own Baby Dreki from an egg, It’s a kind of Magic shakes up the battlefield of the core game with a magical twist.

Spell cards are the new and unique card type of this expansion, that provide the various mechanics of production, combat, and defence. It’s a Kind of Magic offers more than a wizardly re-skin of the core mechanics, the expansion pushes for new methods and tactics to production and combat. Overall the expansion adds an entirely new way to enjoy game in a refreshing rework of procuring gold and beer, alongside new units and spells to engage with.

Deck manipulation is a key element to the expansion, with various ways of drawing cards with the power of the Shaman accompanied by deck thinning with the ability to destroy cards. Bursting with potions and mystical shrines, It’s a Kind of Magic is an all round great expansion if you are looking to enrich and reshape the general features of the core game. With recommended set-ups for beginners or a more in-depth experience to really immerse players within the magic of the game, there is accessibility for those of all abilities.


Armies of the undead and Vikings clash in an ultimate end of the world battle, do you undertake this mission alone, or perhaps team up with your fellow tribes of Vikings to defeat the undead and prevent damnation of the world…

Ragnarok! is another expansion which incorporates a co-operative mode, however this time your Vikings will be battling against the evil forces of the dark bosses which are a unique card type to this expansion. On the flip side, undertake this mission as a lone warrior, in the solo mode which is also a unique feature to the Ragnarok! expansion only.

Although this expansion comes within the smallest box of the collection, don’t be fooled by the compactness of this deck, overflowing with zombies and tainted gods for players to smite. Ragnarok! overall has various game modes and fun cards that all horror and Viking lovers can unite over and enjoy in an epic battle against the undead.

Masters of Elements

Channel your inner druid and become one with the elements in the biggest expansion that Vikings Gone Wild has to offer - the Master of Elements. This expansion adds an extra layer to the individual player boards with the artefact board, which holds the players artefacts and Master or God cards. Alongside this is the new resource of elements, which can be attained in various ways, depending on how you chose to play out the battle!

Of course, the expansion also adds unit and hero cards which correlate to the differing elements, creating an additional personal level of which elements will you chose to power your deck with?

Drafting artefacts is a new element added within the expansion, with each player choosing three cards as they are passed around. These artefacts will make up your bonus abilities and will determine how you will be able to wield your elemental powers.

Each player also has a Master of Elements or a choice of a God, depending on how deep you want to delve into this expansion. It is recommended to use the Master of Elements cards initially, then moving on to God cards after you have the chance to wrap your head around the new mechanics that the expansion has to offer.

While the Master of Elements cards allow you to interact with the core use of magic within the expansion, God cards add yet another personal touch to each player’s magical abilities. Level up your new Master/God cards and unlock the different powers each hold, with plenty of choice from aggression, defence, resource production or deck manipulation. This creates the strategic question, which artefacts and God cards work best together or create the strongest synergy? Hence, tonnes of replay-ability is encouraged within this expansion, whilst offering more than what most standalone game have to provide.


Combine Guild Wars and It’s a Kind of Magic to create a grand war of magic, after all there is freedom to create your own set from any cards from any expansion. It is this liberty of customisation which makes Vikings Gone Wild and all its expansions a highly accessible collection, with the ability to personalise your game to the liking of your player group – whether that be young players, casual gamers or elite board game veterans who like their games with a high complexity rating.

The theming of each expansion holds the Viking history and mythology very well, bursting with homage to Norse champions and culture. So grab your sword, board your longship and set sail to earn the favour of the gods, all that is left is to decide - which adventure do you wish to embark on next?