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Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Tabletop

assassin's creed
assassin's creed

Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Assassins Creed, test your luck as Ezio or Altair or Evie or one of the other awesome characters from the Assassin's Creed catalogue. Do you want to travel to Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia or even Valhalla potentially? If so, then the latest announcement by CMON Games of a partnership with Ubisoft and it's biggest title Assassin's Creed should have you salivating like a hungry hyena.

Have you had a look at the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Orlog Dice Game before?

The upcoming board game has a lot of promise. The update from CMON Games shows that the game "will give players exciting new ways to explore the vast world and time periods of the video games as they enter the animus, searching for long-lost secrets and Pieces of Eden to aid them in their long fight against the Templars". So, there may be a lot of variation, different maps, different powers and potentially different ways to approach gameplay. CMON have promised a lot of lore and history from the game, and therefore also the real world, as this game with draw on the series history.

This game is due to be a tabletop RPG and CMON state "Assassin's Creed and roleplaying fans can expect a deluxe set of the books, along with numerous game supplements and enhancements, like character miniatures, detailed maps and game aids". Hopefully, this will bring some new and exciting mechanics to the sneaking style and can build on what games such as Sniper Elite have achieved recently.

The Assassin's Creed tabletop RPG sounds like a massive project, a huge game and a great setup for a new tabletop RPG with an already rich and well-crafter world. If you cannot wait for more, then you can pre-order this game in early 2023