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Top 5 Video Game Themed Lego Sets

video game based lego

Have you ever seen a memorable feature in a video game and wished that you could have it in front of you? Sure, there’s figures and art books, but what about a scaled down replica on your desk to admire? Well, thankfully the geniuses at Lego have done it again!

In this post we’re back for another Lego top 5 and today we’re taking a look at my favourite Video Game themed sets that Lego have released. We’ll be covering sets of varying sizes and prices, and if you see any you’d like to add to your collection they’re all available on Zatu Games to buy right now.

So, let’s get started.

Lego: Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck

  • Set number: 76989
  • Pieces: 1222

Starting off strong with one of my favourite Video Game lego sets, we have the Tallneck from the Horizon Game series. As beautiful as the Forbidden West is, it’s dominated by mechanical animals that host an ever present danger. That being said, the tall neck provides a break from danger as you climb its body and neck to get a lay of the land as you stand on its head.

Designed as a display piece, the stand is covered in lush greenery, along with minifigures of Alloy and a Watcher to show the sheer size and scan off the tallneck in comparison. Speaking of this tall fellow, it comes equipped with a large flat head for your characters to stand on, grip points all the way up the body to grasp on to, and did I mention the sheer size? It’s huge!

Peach’s Castle Expansion Set

  • Set number: 71408
  • Pieces: 1216

It was inevitable that a Mario Lego set was going to appear on this list, and it was a hard choice to pick just one. However, here we are with the incredibly memorable Peach’s Castle. A sizeable structure that comes equipped with obstacles and enemy characters for Peach to encounter as she works her way around the course.

Much like the rest of the Mario series, this set requires any of the interactive characters to get the full potential from this set. As the characters work their way through the course, the QR codes elicit a response and create well known sounds and music from the original game.But that’s not all, one of my favourite parts of this set is the vibrant colours that feature throughout, making it really stand out when it’s on display as a single piece or connected to other course pieces.

Lego: Sonic The Hedgehog Green Hill Zone

  • Set number: 21331
  • Pieces: 1125

Now for a bit of nostalgia with the Green Hill Zone set from Sonic the Hedgehog. Personally I remember playing through this level as a kid so much that I can recall the music in my head as I write this. Being able to glide through obstacles and loops with ease was so satisfying and this lego replica brings all those memories back.

Complete with golden rings, loops and well known characters; this set has it all. The loop in the center of the set has stubs on so you can create an action shot of Sonic as he zips through. The scaling of the characters is a really nice touch and really makes Eggman look formidable in his ship. And who could forget the emerald crystals that you can proudly display on the stand next to Sonic. I wasn’t kidding when I said this set has it all!

Zane’s Golden Dragon Jet

  • Set number: 71770
  • Pieces: 258

Moving onto the first of our smaller sets in this list, we have the Gold Dragon Jet from the Ninjago Video Game. A classic if there ever was one! Despite being a small set, this kit has heaps of details packed into every section to really bring the model alive.

This set also includes three well known character minifigures from the series; Golden Dragon Cole, Golden Zane, and General Vangelis, But that’s not all! The cockpit of the ship opens to fit your favourite minifigures snugly into place, and the wings of the ship extend for expert maneuverability potential.

Minecraft: The Fox Lodge

  • Set number: 21178
  • Pieces: 193

Last but not least, no video game set would be complete without a Minecraft set featuring on it. And this one definitely ranks the highest on the adorable scale. The Fox lodge pays homage to the versatility and creative potential that lego has, and demonstrates one of the many things that can be made with this set.

The Fox Lodge also comes equipped with well known characters from the game, including: drowned zombie, fox, baby fox, arctic fox and a hero equipped with a fox skin. But if that wasn’t enough, lifting off the top of the structure will reveal hidden storage space for your characters to sleep in between adventures. But my favourite part of all the minecraft sets is that they can be built in game, and transformed into part of your already existing village.

So there we have it adventurers, 5 action packed video game themed lego sets that would look the part in any game fanatic’s collection. But now for the real question, which one is your favourite? Let us know by using the @Zatugames tag on any social media platforms. In the meantime, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next top 5 list!