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Top 5 Tips For Watch Dogs Legion

watch dogs legion tips

Watch Dogs Legion, developed my Ubisoft, is a huge game. Players can explore a dystopic London and build an army of recruits to take down the corrupt government. Along the way you can find collectibles, play football, and stick it to the man! Here are my top 5 tips which will help you level up fast and get that platinum trophy.

Tip 1 - Acquire A Cargo Drone

The cargo drone is a flying vehicle which can help you reach London’s tricky spots. Due to the map's nature, you’ll find lots of goodies on the top of skyscrapers. Plus, there are many locations which aren’t the easiest to reach by car. The cargo drone is super helpful when finding paste up locations, ETO terminals and tech points.

You can hack cargo drones around the world, but it is best to have your own recruit which can call one on demand. Instead of exploring the world, complete the first few missions. In these you’ll recruit a construction worker who comes with their own drone.

The cargo drone is also a great stealth vehicle. You can pick up explosive packages and drop them on the heads of unsuspecting bad guys. You can also stick a weaponised version of the Spiderbot on the back if you want to turn it into a flying tank.

Just be warned, the cargo drone isn’t the best getaway vehicle as its slow-moving.

Tip 2 – Make Boroughs Defiant

When you start Watch Dogs Legion, every borough on the map will be under the control of an enemy faction. In the tutorial missions, you will be shown how to make a borough defiant. Make sure you play up until this point before you go exploring. Making boroughs defiant will help you with the following:

  • Gain Skilled Recruits – When you liberate a borough, you will gain a skilled operative. These operatives have the best abilities in the game. The trophy list leans heavily on these abilities. For example, the trophy, No Not The Bees, can only be unlocked if you have access to a beekeeper operative. You can easily recruit one of these after making The City of London borough defiant.
  • Tech Points Revealed – After a borough is made defiant, all the tech points in that area will be revealed on your map. As you may have guessed from the title of tip 3, tech points are super important. The more points you collect, the more upgrades you can buy for your Deadsec Legion.
  • Unlock New Tech – Some upgrades in your tech tree can only be unlocked once you’ve made areas defiant. If you focus on boroughs, from the get-go, you can unlock great perks like Deep Profiler and rapidly churn through the trophy list.
  • Faster Recruitment – It's worth noting that people in liberated areas are happier to join Deadsec than those who aren’t. This will make recruitment easier, and you won’t have to do as much leg work to get them onside.

Tip 3 – Scour The Map For Tech Points

Scattered across London are lots of juicy tech points. Tech points allow you to upgrade your Legions’ arsenal of tools and weaponry. Most points are hidden in small places and will require the Spiderbot. Below are upgrades you should prioritise getting first so you can ping those trophies quicker, they’ll also make the game less punishing.

  • Spiderbot – I would make sure you get the Spiderbot first and upgrade it. The double jump and cloak abilities not only help with acquiring tech points but also when infiltrating enemy bases.
  • Shroud – Whenever you take down an enemy it automatically cloaks them. This means other guards will not be alerted by the body. As someone who struggles playing stealthily, this upgrade made it easier for me to avoid combat.
  • Deep Profiler – This upgrade lets you recruit enemies of Deadsec like Clan Kelly and Albion members. Also, Deep Profiler opens a web of contacts. You can see each of your operative's daily schedule and people who are connected to them. If you wanted to recruit any of their contacts, you could do so without doing recruiter missions.

Tip 4 – Recruit These Operatives

Throughout the game you’ll be able to recruit anyone in the city of London. It can be easy to get carried away and recruit everyone you see. Yet, to get trophies and not die, its best you get these operatives as soon as you can.

  • Uniformed Access – Recruiting Londoners who have uniformed access can be beneficial. These recruits will provide access to restricted areas without kicking up a fuss. Once you have unlocked Deep Profiler, you’ll be able to recruit Clan Kelly, Albion and Buckingham Palace guards. Picking up these recruits will help you infiltrate and hack areas that you previously couldn’t get to.
  • Skilled Operatives – As I mentioned earlier, liberating boroughs will give you access to the best recruits in the game. Many of the game's trophies are linked to using their abilities.
  • Emergency Services – Snagging someone in the medical and law professions will give you two buffs which will make the game easier. If you’ve not activated permanent death mode, your recruits will go to the hospital or police station when taken out. If you’ve recruited a paramedic and lawyer, you can reduce the cooldown of the downed operatives. Getting these recruits early on ensures you keep your best hackers in the field.
  • Video Game Developer –Perhaps one of the most annoying trophies in the game is Meta-Gaming, for this you’ll need a video game developer in your Legion. Acquiring one of these may take some patience but the best place to find them is near the Tate Modern. Hang around there long enough and one should spawn. If you’re not having much luck there, then they do occasionally spawn near Kings Cross Station.
  • Graffiti Artist – To unlock the trophy Paint Me Like One of Your..., you’ll need a graffiti artist. These can be found tagging street art. Get one of these as you will need to headshot 5 Clan Kelly criminals with paintballs.
  • Living Statue – Before filling up all your recruitment slots, make sure you have a Living Statue in the roster. The trophy, You Don’t See Me requires you to end a pursuit by using this character. Simply gain Albion attention and end the chase by doing a living statue pose.

Tip 5 – Avoid Glitchy Trophies

On release, Watch Dogs Legion had a trophy glitch. After many patches this trophy glitch is less frequent, but it can rear its ugly head. I know it did with me! To avoid this notorious glitch, it is best to do the following trophy objectives with one operative:

  • Bullseye & Bottoms Up– For this trophy you’ll need to play darts at every location. Darts can be found in pubs and bars. Whilst you are doing this, grab a pint and then you can get Bottoms Up at the same time. It's worth noting that every pub has a safe in it. Make sure you hack these as they will give you lots of ETO which will help with the Fresh Threads trophy.
  • Piece De Resistance – This trophy will have you completing every paste up. I would suggest using your construction worker to do this one as a lot of the locations are high up so the cargo drone will come in handy!
  • Fresh Threads – This is a hard trophy to get. You must spend 100,000 ETO on clothes. To make sure it doesn’t glitch save up this amount and then spend it all on one operative. You may have to do some ETO grinding post game. If you hit all the pub safes, hack ETO points and complete parcel fox deliveries you may hit this total by the end of the game.

You don’t need to do the objectives in one sitting, but you do need to use the same operative for the trophy to count. So, if you do your first paste up with the construction worker make sure you do all the others with that operative too!

These are my top tips for mastering Watch Dogs Legion. Good luck out there, Deadsec Recruit!