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Top 5 Halloween Video Games

top 5 halloween video games

It’s spooky season again! I love Halloween, always have. Not in that edgy/goth/emo way that I think it makes me cool or quirky. I just think it’s a lot of fun. For me there’s too much pressure over Christmas to have a good time, it can be exhausting and forced. Don’t even get me started on having to see relatives you only see at that time of year. But celebrating Halloween is, at least in the UK, still relatively new. Beyond children going out to Trick or Treat there isn’t any expectation. And groups of kids are excited if someone actually opens their door with treats rather than pretending they aren’t home. No matter what shape or form Halloween takes this year I’ll definitely be playing some lovely Halloween video games in the evening.

If you’re planning to do the same but aren’t sure which games to play don’t panic, I’ve got your back. I’ll be covering horror games with different themes to make sure there’s something for everyone. Here, in the first of four Halloween specials, I’ll be looking at games featuring Ghosts, Vampires and Werewolves. Before we get into it I should mention that Resident Evil Village features all three of these and should definitely be on every horror fans’ list. Anyway, here are some others that might tickle your fancy 


Vampyr is an action role-playing game set in 1918 London after the Great War. You play as a freshly turned vampire, sorry, Vampyr - Dr Jonathan Reid. Will you abide by your Hippocratic Oath and help people or get your bloodthirsty drink on? 

Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Earthblood

If you prefer your action role-playing with more fur and full moons then check out this one. It’s based on White Wolf Publishing’s tabletop role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The story follows Cahal, an eco-terrorist werewolf who has been banished from his werewolf tribe. You’ll fight against the Pentex corporation and the pollution it causes like an angry, howling hippy. This is a must in your Halloween video games.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The first game from Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology is next up in our Halloween video games. It sees five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip that soon changes into something much more sinister. Much like Supermassive’s Until Dawn, you’ll make split-second decisions that change the course of the narrative and decide the fate of each character. It also comes with plenty of jumpscares.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

If you don’t want to be scared but want to join in with some Halloween Antics, then Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the one for you. Luigi’s invited to the towering Last Resort hotel. But when Mario and co. go missing, it’s up-to Luigi to save them! You’ll slam, blow away, and vacuum up ghosts with the Poltergust G-00. You can also join forces with Gooigi for some couch co-op action too.

Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Yep, another one by Supermassive. I promise I’m not being lazy, I just love these games. A lot. Supermassive know how to craft a great horror story and Little Hope is no exception. This one features four college students and their teacher who have become stranded in an isolated town miles from anywhere after their bus crashes in bad weather. Trapped by a mysterious fog in the town of Little Hope, they search desperately for a means of escape whilst visions from the past haunt them from the shadows. Once again, your decisions will decide on who lives and who dies.

And That’s That

So there you have it, five Halloween video games featuring ghosts, vampires and werewolves. Will you be picking any up to scare yourself this October? Or did I miss any games that deserve some love? Let us know on the Zatu social media channels. Don’t forget to keep ‘em peeled for part two of our Halloween special, when I’ll take a look at games featuring zombies!