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Top 5 Film Based Lego Sets

film based lego
film based lego

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a great film. Whether it’s a classic, or an independent title; they make a perfect evening nonetheless. There’s only one thing better, and that’s when the geniuses at Lego HQ bring fan favourite vehicles, buildings and characters into the real world with intricately designed models. So to pay homage to the innovative film based lego designs that Lego have created, I’ve set about compiling a list of my Top Five Film Based Lego sets. As always, I’ll include the set number and piece count with each description just in case you’re tempted to pick up a box for yourself!

So, let’s get started with film based lego:

Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Set Number: 10274

Pieces: 2352

This one is a real blast from the past and is definitely one for the adults to replenish their childhood wonder. As seen on the big screen all those years ago, the ECTO-1 is THE classic vehicle from Ghostbusters, and it is just as recognizable as the catchy theme tune.

Although this isn’t the first ECTO-1 lego model, it is the largest one to date, and it’s thanks to the size that the designers have been able to include so many unique details to catch the eyes of fans. It comes packed full of gadgets, including the mobile ghost trap, tracking antenna and a rotating gunner seat.

This model sits proudly on my bookshelf and looks absolutely stunning in place. It would make a perfect companion to any posters, film books or memorabilia you might have; especially if it’s Ghostbusters related.

12 Grimmauld Place

Set Number: 76408

Pieces: 1083

It was inevitable that a Harry Potter set would appear on this list, but it’s probably not the one you were expecting. And for good reason. As impressive as the Hogwarts Modular sets and the dioramas are, the ministry of magic set really captures a unique style of magic in the way it’s designed; and that sold it for me.

From the outside, Grimmauld Place looks like any normal house front you’d find on the streets of London. Tall windows, posh door and a brick finish. However, there’s so much more to this set than meets the eye; quite literally.

Carefully pull either side of the model and you’ll quickly discover that secret that this set hides behind its innocent front. The true darker looking front and entrance to 12 Grimmauld Place. Although you are fully aware of this hidden section when building the model, it’s incredibly cool to see the building transform before your eyes, and it does so in such a smooth manner.

The final thing to add, is that this set would look perfect among a town full of Creator city sets. You’d just need to find a way of positioning buildings either side so they don’t get in the way of Grimmauld Place opening. Overall it’s a very exciting kit to have as a display piece.

Optimus Prime

Set Number: 10302

Pieces: 1508

Due to its age, this is one of the harder to find kits on the list, but it’s for good reason. It brings one of the most well known vehicles and characters from a film franchise into the real world, and it even includes the ability to transform before your very eyes.

Being almost on the same level as Gundam for design and maneuverability, this Optimus Prime kit offers heaps of customisation options. Along with the ability to transform into another model without having to dismantle one build to create another. Magical!

Personally, I love this set because it looks incredible as a display piece on my shelves. But it also offers a great entertainment factor when my cousins come to visit and the model mysteriously transforms when they’re out of the room.

Millennium Falcon

Set Number: 75257

Pieces: 1353

Albeit a smaller version of the monolith sized Millenium Falcon, that doesn’t mean that any details have been left out. Designers have obviously worked hard to ensure they play homage to this legendary vehicle whilst sticking to the smaller scale that’s required.

And boy, have they done an amazing job! Sections such as the cockpit and turret open up; and the top of the model can be removed to reveal the intricately detailed interior inside. What’s more is that the spring loaded turrets can actually fire small missiles; demonstrating the formidable firepower that the falcon has to offer.

Personally, I love that there’s a smaller Falcon available for fans that just don’t have the storage space to be able to display the larger scale version. With a few extra supports around the model, you can even hang this kit from the ceiling for the ultimate Star Wars themed display.

‘Up' House

Set Number: 43217

Pieces: 598

Anyone who has seen ‘Up’ will instantly recognise this charming house with its colorful addition; and those who haven’t will still have heard of it. It goes without saying that the designers have done a remarkable job of recreating this beautiful location with all its bells and whistles. And what better way to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Disney?

From the front, you’re greeted with as much vibrant colour as possible, be it on the balloons or the freshly painted walls. But that’s not the only thing greeting you, as three lovable characters from the film are included in the set; including my favourite cuddly friend, Doug. Of course, the most eye-catching part of this kit, the vibrantly coloured balloons, can’t be ignored and seem to float majestically from the top of the house.

However, the attention to detail in this UP film based lego doesn’t stop there. Turn the model around and you’ll discover that the house is packed full of small items for the minifigures to interact with. Just going to show that nothing has been left out of this stunning kit.

I also have to add that this is a very reasonably priced kit considering the amount of detail that has been crammed into it. It not only makes the perfect display piece, but also doubles as a scene for kids to recreate the favourite moments from the film.

So there you have it, five amazing film based Lego kits getting all the glory they truly deserve. Each one taking a unique part of a film and bringing it to live in our own front room. And although there are hundreds of Lego kits that could fit into this category, these 5 kits really stuck out as some of the best Lego has to offer. That being said, I’d love to know what you thought of this list. Do you agree? Are there other movie themed kits that you think are far more deserving? I’d love for you to let us know. You can do exactly that by using the @zatugames tag on any social media!