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Top 10 Pokemon Rebel Clash Cards

Rebel Clash Feature

Pokemon Rebel Clash has been out for a few weeks, so let's take a look at the best cards in the set and what you should be looking to pull or trade for to stay atop the game.


Not the last time we'll see this Pokemon on the list, but this is the regular version. Its ability infiltrator says 'If any damage is done to this Pokémon by attacks, flip a coin. If heads, prevent that damage.' That is a fantastic ability, it obviously comes down to luck which is why it's so low, but if you can pull it off this Pokemon simply won't be knocked out.

It also has the attack Phantom Force, which is similar to its stronger V Max counterpart. For two psychic energy, you do 120 and can put 3 damage counters on your opponent's bench in any way you like. It's a great way to spread around damage whilst hitting their active hard.

Speed Lightning Energy

I think this energy is fantastic, however, it does only work for Lightning Pokemon hence its place on this list. If you attach this energy to a Lightning Pokemon you draw two cards. Now it's important to note, you have to draw those two cards, so if you need energy late and you're decking out this energy actually could put you in trouble.

Despite that niche situation, it's fantastic, helping you draw quickly into the cards you need, and with a lot of draw supporters going it's a huge boost to lightning decks.

Boltund V

Again, a support Pokemon only for lightning decks, but with Speed Lightning and some powerful lightning attackers, it makes Boltund a lot more interesting. He's only really there for his Electrify attack which reads 'Search your deck for up to 2 Lightning Energy cards and attach them to your Benched Pokémon in any way you like. Then, shuffle your deck.'

After the first few turns you've spent setting up, or maybe a turn or two later in the game he won't have a lot more use, to be honest. But for the sheer speed, he offers a lot of Lightning Pokemon he's an insta-include in most Lightning decks.

Eldegoss V

Now whilst this is fairly high on the list, I do think it's being massively over-hyped. Its ability is great. Happy Match reads 'When you play this Pokémon from your hand onto your Bench during your turn, you may put a Supporter card from your discard pile into your hand.'

Similar to very good cards we've had before, however, this requires the supporter in your discard, and we don't have anywhere near as many ways to get stuff into the discard pile. It's a good late game, but again, do you really want to be popping this juicy 2 prize target on your bench?

Twin Energy

This card is similar to the Double Colourless energy we had but doesn't work on the bigger V and V Max Pokemon, which I think is a great addition. It gives other Pokemon a big chance to make waves. I don't know that we have enough Pokemon to fully make use of it right now, but it will be back, mark my words. I think we have some users in the next set already spoiled actually, but we'll get to that...

Toxtricity V Max

Now, this is the Lightning Pokemon we spoke about earlier, getting a massive buff from all the support it's offered in this set. It's got a ton of health with 320HP, it's attack can potentially do 240 for 3 energy which is fantastic. You have to poison your opponent first, but with things like Koga's Trap and Garbodor, that should be easy enough.

Unfortunately, regular Toxtricity isn't great, which is why this next Pokemon has slightly edged Toxtricity V Max out.

Dragapult V Max

There is a lot of hype around this card right now, but I think losing a lot of psychic support with rotation coming up it might struggle.

Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, and offers a lot of spread potential and I hope it succeeds, but with the loss of Malamar and Mysterious Treasure etc it could find that hard.

Its attack for 2 psychic does 130 and 5 damage counters to their bench, so it's spreading 180 damage, which is very nice and against stage 1 or 2 decks it will clean house. It'll also take a lot of easy KOs on Pokemon like Trubbish in Toxtricity decks and so on. It's a very powerful card don't get me wrong.

I think the scary thing about it is it's a 320hp Pokemon, which is spreading 180 damage a turn, that is a terrifying thought.

Cinderace V Max

Now, this may be a surprise, but I think it's one of the better cards in the set honestly, and that's for it's Counter attack. The attack reads 'If this Pokémon was damaged by an attack during your opponent's last turn, this attack does that much more damage.'

It has 320 health, so next to no Pokemon are one hit KOing him, meaning this attack will come into play. But the best thing about it, it goes off the damage you were dealt and not the damage counters on you like other similar Pokemon. So that means we can heal off any damage done, but still hit them back as if we hadn't.

This attack is amazing, and something that will definitely be cropping up more and more as we get extra healing support in the next set. It's already making waves over in Japan though, winning some tournaments.

It's Cinderace V is also very good, as it gives its self free retreat, which makes it very useful to get out of the active slot if you need to, and works well against our next card.

Galar Mine

This card makes control decks a lot more viable and even creates some of its own decks. It basically makes both active Pokemon harder to retreat, giving them an extra two retreat cost.

This is a very powerful stadium, and with things like Boss's Orders back, you will have to worry about what you put on the bench, as it can be dragged into the active and stranded there. I think this combo will make Switch a much more played card, possibly a 3-4 in a lot of decks.

I'd also expect to see Galar Mine in Toxtricity V Max decks, so the Pokemon you poison can't escape, it has a lot of uses.

Boss's Orders

And as always, the best card in the set is a supporter. Sword and Shield's best was Professors Research so this set keeps up that trend.

Boss's Orders is pretty much Lysandre, but it's Giovanni so it's slightly cooler in my books. This effect cannot be understated. The option to pull up a Pokemon you want to knockout is very good, but also the option to stall if you need to set-up.

Thankfully, we have no VS Seekers in the format, so it won't be something that can be repeated turn after turn, unless you use Eldegoss, which thinking about it now is quite a good combination.

Either way, this card will be an insta-include in most every deck, and quite a few copies of.


That is our top 10 Pokemon cards from Rebel Clash, let us know your thoughts over on Twitter or Facebook, and as always thanks for reading.