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What We’ve Been Playing – March 2024

abbie smyth 12/04/2024

March was a busy month, but one things for sure, there’s always time for board gaming! Here's our bloggers What We've Been Playing run down!

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wyrmspan gotm

What We’ve Been Playing February 2024

abbie smyth 11/03/2024

February was short, but that doesn't mean our bloggers didn't pack in a lot of board game time - here's what we've been playing in February!

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What We've Been Playing - Bitoku

What We’ve Been Playing January 2024

Lexi 02/02/2024

January was a long, long month. So it's only right we dive into What We've Been Playing over this year long month...

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What We've Been Playing (2)

What We’ve Been Playing December 2023

Lexi 16/01/2024

I mean, it was Christmas and New Years... a lot of games are involved in this What We've Been Playing list!

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What We've Been Playing Oathsworn

What We’ve Been Playing November 2023

Lexi 05/12/2023

It's officially the countdown to Christmas and we are so ready to see what Santa drops down the Chimney. Here's what we've been playing...

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What We've Been Playing

What We’ve Been Playing October 2023

Lexi 06/11/2023

Well, well, well. What We've Been Playing is back again. There is a record number of games spoke about in this one though, surely?

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What We've Been Playing - Barcelona

What We’ve Been Playing September 2023

Lexi 09/10/2023

Welcome to What We've Been Playing, the monthly feature where we get to show off some of our best games that we played over the past month.

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Rallyman Dirt

What We’ve Been Playing August 2023

Lexi 12/09/2023

Summer is over (did it even really ever start?) but we managed to squeeze a few more gaming sessions in this month!

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What We've Been Playing - Dead of Winter

What We’ve Been Playing July 2023

Lexi 03/08/2023

Ah the month of July, when kids are nearing the end of school and you need to find 48 hours in a day. Here's what we've been playing anyway.

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what we've been playing (1)

What We’ve Been Playing June 2023

Lexi 10/07/2023

June was a month filled of gaming, partying and drinking. For me anyways. What we've been playing has got a lot to offer this month!

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