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Sabotage Showdown

Sabotage Showdown Star Wars Shatterpoint Review

Join the battle for the galaxy in the electrifying “Sabotage Showdown: Star Wars Shatterpoint” mission pack.

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Edge Of The Empire

Edge Of The Empire Star Wars Edge Review

Martin Nash 16/11/2023

From a single book & a set of the Edge of the Empire dice, it is possible to have an almost endless number of unique experiences and stories

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Fistful of Credits

Fistful Of Credits Star Wars Shatterpoint Review

The clever and fearsome Cad Bane has built his reputation working for the Hutts & even Darth Sidious himself in Fistful Of Credits

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This Party's Over Shatterpoint

This Party’s Over Star Wars Shatterpoint Review

This Party’s Over pads out the Galactic Republic affiliation with some interesting alternatives for Clone support troopers, and plenty more.

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Star Wars Armada

Great Games In The Star Wars Universe

Pete Bartlam 27/09/2023

Star Wars! Not just an epic story of good and evil but the opening of an enduring universe filled with complex characters

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star wars shatterpoint (1)

News: New Star Wars Shatterpoint Box Sets

Matthew Morgan 18/09/2023

Atomic Mass Games have treated Star Wars this weekend, as they announced enough new Shatterpoint content to fill the death star twice over!

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Witches Of Dathomir Star Wars Shatterpoint Review

A group of Dathomirians enter Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this pack! As Mother Talzin leads one of the largest Nightsister clans on Dathomir!

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star wars jedi survivor

Jedi Survivor Star Wars Review

The story of Cal Kestis continues in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, a galaxy- spanning action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment.

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asajj ventress (1)

Asajj Ventress Star Wars Legion Second Opinion

James Arthey 26/07/2023

Asajj Ventress - a fun unit to command during a game, looking excellent with an aggressive pose reflecting abilities afforded the character

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Moff Gideon

Moff Gideon Star Wars Legion Review

James Arthey 25/07/2023

The cunning Moff Gideon enters the battles of Star Wars: Legion in this new Commander Expansion! Forever continuing to expand the Empire.

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